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I have cool plots (again) hahaha. I even cast the good side and bad side.

All the information of the character(s) will be under the picture(s). Under that i will put the plots.


Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, Age 17-18. True Alpha, leader of the pack.

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski, Age 17-18. Sarcasm of the pack.

Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, Age 17-18. Banshee of the pack.

Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore, Age 17-18. Wolf of the pack.

Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura, Age 17-18. Kitsune of the pack.

Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar, Age 15-16. WereWolf of Scott's pack.

Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate/Hale, Age 17-18. Were-Coyote of the pack.

Willow Shields as Mia Daem, Age 15-16. Human, Love interest for Liam.

Alexandra Chando as Jessica Lipper, Age 17-18. Villain-Witch. (1 of the tripple.)

Nina Dobrev as Jennifer Lipper, Age 17-18. Villain-Witch. (1 of the tripple)

Lilly Collins as Maria Lipper, Age 17-18. Villain-Witch.

Victoria Justice as Luisa Lipper, Age 17-18. Witch-Villain (1 of the Tripple)

Robert Knepper as Michael, Age arround 50. Were-Dragon-Villain.

Recurring cast:

Charlie Carver as Ethan, Age 18.

Cody Saintgnue as Brett Talbot, Age 15-16. Moves to Beacon Hills, leaves his pack. Enters Scott' pack as a wolf.

Johnny Sequoyah as Liana Talbot, Age 13-14. Brett's sister. Werewolf.

Daniella Pineda as Andrea Kia, Age 19. Moves to Beacon Hills, she repeated Senior Year. Were-Hyena.

Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey. Age 17-18. Werewolf of Scott's pack.

JR Bourne as Chris Argent.

James Maslow as Jake Hale, Age 21. WereWolf-Teacher.

Jaden Smith as Lee Parker, Age 15-16. WereWolf of Scott's pack.

Jake T. Austin as Max Cooper, Age 16-17. WereWolf of Scott's pack.

Khylin Rhambo as Mason Hewitt, Age 15-16. Human of Scott's pack.

Ryan Kelley as Deputy Jordan Parrish, Age 25. Scott's pack.

Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski. Sheriff.

Melissa Ponzio. Scott's mother.

Seth Gilliam as Dr. Alan Deaton.

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale. WereWolf, Full Wolf of Scott's pack.

Rachel G. Fox as Maria, Age 16-17. Witch-Anti Hero.

Cole Sprouse as Jason, Age 17-18. Werewolf, Alpha. Alpha Pack. Villain.

Dylan Sprouse as Bryan. Age 17-18. Werewolf, Alpha. Alpha Pack. Villain.

Cody Christian as Theo Raeken, Age 17-18. Werewolf, Alpha. Alpha Pack. Villain.

Ian Bohen as Peter Hale. Leader of the Alpha pack. Alpha. Villain.

Zayn Malik as Ryan Johnson, Age 17-18. Beta, villain works with Lewis.

Jill Wagner as Kate Argent, Jaguar. Alpha Pack, Leader with Peter. Villain.

Robert Patrick as Lewis Dahaan. Were-Lion. Villain.

Not in order. Also:

Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance & Adventure.

Time: Extend it to 1 hour (+ 20 minutes) (Bigger cast, more fans to view.)

More in the cast:

Meagan Tandy as Braeden.

Jeffrey Lambrechts as Jake Blake.

More characters, without actors...


Season 6, Episode 1:

Scott & Stiles are just driving arround searching for a dead in town. When they find the dead body they call Stilinski. Scott tells Stiles that there is soething wrong. But Stiles tells Scott everywhere are dead bodies. When Jackson is at the airport, 4 girls pay a taxi to beacon hills. Jackson who now lives alone, takes his porsche at the airport. Chris Argent who was back in France for a week comes back with Isaac. Derek and Braeden search for Chris. Lydia, Malia and Kira are at Eichen house, because Peter and Theo escaped (If Theo doesn't end up in Eichen house in Season 5B, then here he will in a little flashback). Peter on the street attacks a chinese Alpha and takes all of his powers. He is stronger than ever. He tells Theo to kill the other Alpha, so he does. Then out of nowhere u see Kate. Liam goes to Scott to tell him something is wrong. Lydia calls Stiles to tell him something happened. Scott, Stiles and Liam drive to Eichen House. 4 Witches attack Derek and Braeden. 4 Witches, the 4 Girls of the airport, the lipper witches. Brett and his sister Liana go to Scott to ask him if they can be in his pack. Scott says yes, of course. A man named Michael who is a Were-Dragon tries to kill a girl names Andrea. Max & his friend Jake Blake try to protect her, but she seems to be a Were-Hyena. Scott, Stiles, Liam, Brett and Liana drive over to Deaton's house. They tell him something is coming. Also Deaton asks Brett and Liana if they already got a place, they tell him no, so Deaton tells them they can stay at his house. Derek & Breaden who lay down on the ground get up and find Chris and Isaac. They tell them that Kate is in Beacon Hills. a girl named Maria attacks a boy names Ryan, but Ryan seems to be stronger. Lewis who killed Maria's family in the past, tells her that he didn't just kill 1 family. Scott tell Liam and Brett to go to the school and find Mason, because Scott feels that something is happening there. A twin named Jason and Bryan attack Mason, but Ethan is there too. But the Alphas are to strong. Lee Parker who gets attacked by the witches gets protection of Jake (Hale) and Lia. Brett and Liam arrive at school but they are to late, Mason is hurt, Brett takes his pain. Scott and Stiles get attacked by Peter, Kate and Theo, Jackson tries to save them as an Alpha, but he isn't strong enough. When Jackson and Scott fight Peter and Kate, Stiles gets beaten up by Theo, but a boy Jake Blake saves Stiles. Chris, Derek, Braeden and Isaac get attacked by a wendigo, a strong wendigo. Chris kills the Wendigo. Peter defeats Jackson, who's down. Scott who was winning against Kate, tries to fight of Peter and Kate, but Jake Blake tells them if they fight Scott he kills Theo and becomes an Alpha and he dies, and their pack will be smaller. And they run away, with Theo.

Story For The Rest of the season:
Peter tries to kill Scott and his pack, with his pack. The 4 witches want to kill the pack too, because in the past Derek killed 1 of them. Lia and Liam are love birds, who can't really work well toghetter. Scott and Stiles who are at their best in their relationship fight against everyone who's after them. With not well known actors, who witches turn into vampires. Derek has a lot of screen time with Scott, Stiles & Jackson. Jackson has a lot of screen time with Stiles and Derek. Scott has a lot of screen time with Derek, Stiles off course, Kira, Liam, Isaac and Chris. It's more how the fans want. In the season Lee Parker (Jaden Smith), Jake Hale (James Maslow), Max Cooper (Jake T. Austin), Ryan Johnson (Zayn Malik), Ethan (Charlie Carver), Maria (Rachel G. Fox), Peter Hale (Ian Bohen), Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho, dies in 6A)Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) and Liana Talbot (Jonnhy Sequoyah) die. Peter and Kate will die at the end of the season. Also Lewis would be the one who killed Jackson's parents. Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley) would be arround 7 episodes in 6A and all 10 as major role in 6B. Scott won't lose fights 1 on 1. It would be in the light and dark. But ugly deads of actors who make their debut on TV and then atleast have 1 or 2 episodes on TW. Sciles won't break up, neither fight. They will work toghetter more than ever. The pack will get kidnapped, but Scott will find them al by himself, and also Stiles will almost die for Scott. Like a real bromance/romance. Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski will marry in 6B. Jackson figures out he has a brother Jake Blake (Jeffrey Lambrechts). I would give me even my debut on TV as a vampire who gets killed. And after this season, the season would be cleaned up. With Mason and Brett. Malia and Jackson, Lydia and Stiles, Andrea and Scott. Lia and Liam. Breaden and Derek. Isaac single, Jake Blake, single. Malia and Stiles break up. It seems weird but i like it. I think this would be great. I have told the intro, the villains, who dies. Everything

Tyler Posey
Dylan O'Brien
Holland Roden
Colton Haynes
Arden Cho (Till Episode 10, then she dies)
Shelley Hennig
Dylan Sprayberry
Willow Shields

That are the opening credits

Alexandra Chando
Victoria Justice
Nina Dobrev
Lilly Collins
Robert Knepper

Tyler Hoechlin (18 Episodes)
Ryan Kelley (17 Episodes)
Ian Bohen (16 Episodes)
Jill Wagner (16 Episodes)
Cody Christian (15 Episodes)
Daniel Sharman (15 episodes)
Melissa Ponzio (15 Episodes)
Jaden Smith (15 Episodes)
Daniella Pineda (15 Episodes)
Khylin Rhambo (15 Episodes)
Robert Patrick (14 Episodes)
Jake T. Austin (14 Episodes)
Charlie Carver (14 Episodes)
Dylan Sprouse (14 Episodes)
Cole Sprouse (14 Episodes)
Linden Ashby (14 Episodes)
Rachel G. Fox (13 Episodes)
Meagan Tandy (13 Episodes)
James Maslow (13 Episodes)
Jeffrey Lambrechts (12 Episodes)
Cody Saintgnue (12 Episodes)
Seth Gilliam (11 Episodes)
JR Bourne (10 Episodes)
Jonnhy Sequoyah (9 Episodes)
Bianca Morell (7 Episodes)
Etc (Less than 6 Episodes)

Views this will have, i guess: I think the show can go to 1.9 Million.

Will hapen: 3%


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