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Baldwin Collins

this fifth installment movie is one of this summer's 2015 biggest Box office successes, just as i Predicted, paramount pictures nailed they're release date right on spot. suppose tom cruise did play Napoleon solo in the Guy Richie film 'the man from u.n.c.l.e. ? However in rogue Nation Ethan Hunt (cruise) is back in London and taking up his new assignment in a IMF secret meeting place that covers as a record shop, there's a bit of Homage Being paid here, seeing hunt using a record player as a contact, which Many fans will remember from the old 60's era shows. he's told by his IMF contact that the syndicate is real and a threat to all IMF Agents everywhere, only to be told that the voice he's listening to is really a syndicate contact posing as a IMF contact on realizing too late Ethan Hunt is captured by the sinister organisation.

Most of the cast members whose play tom cruise's (hunt's IMF team ) return in this blockbuster action film, you have Jeremy Renner who returns as IMF agent William Brandt who witnesses the IMF organisation being Abandoned by Chief Director of the CIA Alan Hunley played by Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg returns as Computer Expert and IMF Agent Benji Dunn. who really is more involved in the Action this time Around, Ving Rhames reprises his IMF character,

I wasn't impressed with the bike scene's they we're just memories from mission impossible 2 '' actor Sean Harris who played Solomon Lane the Mastermind of the Syndicate wasn't Sinister Enough for me, he was way to cool and calm. the plot involving the British Prime minister and his chief of MI6 played by Simon McBurney as Attlee never had any real Relevance to the plot. Rebecca Ferguson's Character illsa Faust seems to be a Double Agent which in my Opinion plays it to close to being Bad, to End up Good in the Final End.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 Rogue Nation is a Good action flick , but the plot is very Much all over the Place . STILL A MUST SEE FILM IF YOU'RE A MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FAN LIKE ME.


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