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Well, in my opinion, Fantastic Four wasn't as horrible as everybody says it was. Was it a good Fantastic Four movie? I think pretty much all of us can agree with a resounding "Heck no!". Was it a good film overall? Not really. But was it total garbage? I don't think so. Sure, the movie had its plot holes and problems, but it was still entertaining.

First, I will list all the pros and cons to the movie just as a general movie, then I will list the pros and cons of the film in contrast to the comics.



This movie started out really interesting, besides the scenes with the idiotic teacher that didn't make sense, and I found myself liking the movie even though I kind didn't want to. But as soon as the main characters actually got their powers, the film just made less and less sense and rushed all the way to the ending. The chemistry between most of the characters was almost nonexistent. Also, the character development was lacking. Ben and Reed's friendship was glossed over and we were given hardly any evidence that they were best friends besides the fact that they were. Sue's adoption was barely mentioned and really glossed over, while I feel that the Storm's family history should have been explored in much more depth. The beginning of the movie seemed like it was going to take its time and develops a very good story, but then the last half of the movie was glossed over and the character that seemed like they were going to be developed in depth really weren't.

Planet Zero was actually pretty cool and had potential to revolve the story around it, but instead the new world was glossed over and hardly explained at all. What WAS that green stuff, and how did it give them all powers? Nothing about the planet was explained at all, or really how any of the main character's powers really worked. Sure, Johnny could burst into flame, Sue could be invisible, Ben was a rock monster, and Reed could stretch, but what was the science behind it? The whole movie was centered around science, but when it came down to actual cool science, it wasn't addressed. And how did Sue get her powers? A shock wave from Planet Zero? If that's true then why didn't half the city get powers from the giant shockwave? And while we're on the subject, why did they all go without Sue? She was one of the main people responsible for the matter shuttle, and instead of inviting her to go with them to Planet Zero, Reed invited his best friend who we had hardly seen for most of the movie. And don't even get me started on Dr. Doom. His powers were pure randomness. He could melt people's brains with a look, he had telekinesis, and he could shoot some sort of green energy? His powers and condition were never explained in depth, even though they had him hooked up to a bunch of machines that should have told them something.

Also, his motivations seemed forced. Before Victor was left on Plant Zero, he just sorta seemed like a negative jerk, but a super villain bent on world destruction? I didn't get that vibe. If anything, Doom seemed like an activist throwing a tantrum about the condition of the overall state of the world government. Not the best supervillain. And why did he just start murdering a bunch of scientists and Franklin Richards, but then just throw Reed and the rest around when they fought? Sloppy writing. I kinda felt that Dr. Allen was built up better to be a villain than Victor. Also, Victor's technology that he used to control stuff around his house with JUST HIS MIND was awesome, and should have been used more. It was just ignored the whole movie, when it could have been incorporated into his Dr. Doom persona in a cool way. Finally, I thought the final battle was lame. It was one of the worst final battles in any superhero movie, much less any action movie. Dr. Doom just toyed with them instead of just melting their heads like he obviously could. Reed and everything else hardly acted like a team at all accept for a few seconds toward the end. As a matter of fact, they were promoted as a team the whole movie, but they never really felt like a team. Another thing I didn't understand why Ben was mad at Reed. Reed could have had no idea what was waiting for them on Planet Zero; he was just trying to be good friend and bring him along. And besides, Ben made the choice to come, he wasn't forced. It wasn't Reed's fault what happened to Ben, and I think it was sloppy writing that Ben was mad.


Well, the movie did have good CGI and a decent score. The actors did a pretty good job with what they were given, although the only characters I liked were Reed and Franklin. Also, Franklin was pretty awesome, so I give them credit for that. The movie did start out pretty good and had me interested.



Wow. I didn't expect the movie to stick to the comics very much, but they really exceeded my expectations. None of the characters were really anything like their comic counterparts. Reed was a genius sure, but he didn't have any of the wisdom of leadership skills that made a great hero in the comics. In fact, he never really was a leader in the movie at all.

Sue lacked the kindness and charisma that she had in the comics, and she acted like the mother of the family which she totally didn't in the movie.

Johnny was hot head in the comics and the movie, but in the comics he hardly ever took anything seriously and as the comic relief of the group, though in the movie he was always serious and mopey and had a general "screw you" attitude, while his jokes were cringe inducing. He didn't have any of the charm that Johnny had in the comics or even in the 2005 movie.

Ben was hardly in the movie, but when he was he was sorta a bland weenie, and then when he was Thing he was just depressive. And he was tiny! Ben was smaller than Reed. Ben was huge in the comics, and that's why it made it made sense that he would be come a hulking thing. The Thing in the comics was a stoic tough guy who was really a teddy bear on the inside.

Sue and Johnny's family couldn't have been more wrong, as Franklin Storm was a surgeon not a scientist, Sue and Johnny were both white as well as their father. Dr. Doom was awful! He was a power hungry dictator in the comics, while he was a whiny jerk in the movie. In the comics he was an epic villain that took on the Avengers, while in the movie he was hardly a threat. I never felt that the Earth was in danger. Also, The movie Doom's powers were all over the place, while in the comics the only powers Doom had were his intelligence and those that came from his suit (which wasn't actually PART of him). The closest they got was in Rise of the Silver Surfer, but I digress.

The origin of the team was close to the Ultimate Comics version, but why would you base the origins of the main character off of an alternate universe in the Marvel Universe? It just doesn't make sense. Also, the characters were all too young. Sure, try were a little younger than the original comics in which they were all around 30, but they weren't fresh out of high school.

The whole government involvement was crazy. It made send that they would be keeping tabs on them, but why did they have to ruin them by making the government control them? They strayed so much form the comics when they had the government use Ben as a military asset, and when they had Sue and Johnny kept under lock and key. And I hated how they had Reed go off for a year on his own trying to build another matter shuttle (where did he get all the money, a way?)

Furthermore, I hated how everyone accept Ben was dependent on their suits to control there powers. A lot of the comics was the Fantastic Four learning how to control their powers on their own, not using suit to do it for them. That makes their powers less like powers and more like medical conditions. And Reed's suit was awful. I hated the springs. And did he even need the suit? He seemed to at the military base, but when he escaped he formed himself and ran away. But then later he needed a spring suit, but then after Doom destroyed his springs, he magically gained control of his appendages because the plot needed him to. But then at the end of the movie he needed a spring suit again. Also, then team never got any superhero worthy suits. Ever.

And the secluded base they ended up in at the end of the movie was nothing like the New York base they had in the comics. Also, Thing looked too chunky or something,his looks didn't quite work for me. I didn't care for his voice either. It needed to be huskier. And he needed pants.

And how come only Johnny and Ben got their code names, while Reed and Sue didn't?

Finally, the way the "It's clobberin' time" was delivered sucked so bad.


I liked how Johnny looked when he was in flame mode, and I liked the scene where Reed shapeshifted. That is an aspect from the comics that had never been seen before on film. And that's about it.

So, all in all, the movie had a lot of potential, but in the end flopped. But at least it was entertaining.

In my opinion, it deserves a 5/10.

One last thing, where did Doom get the cloak?


Do you agree with my review?


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