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Have you ever wondered what an animated musical number would sound and look like in real life? Well, look no further. Here are six animated songs brought to life with their original vocalists intact. I chose to exclude Broadway renditions, since they deserve a list of their own. Please take note that some of the singers don't sound quite the same as they used to. Yet, given it's been almost or over twenty years since these songs have been released we can give them a free pass.

6. 'Sally's Song' sung by Catherine O'Hara

In The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally sings a morose solo about her premonition and relationship with Jack Skeleton. The film was released in 1993 and twenty years later came Disney in Concert: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The event featured the entire film's soundtrack and Sally's actress Catherine O'Hara made a special appearance to sing 'Sally's Song'. There's no impressive visuals, but O'Hara's sentimental performance is heart warming to listen to.

5. 'Beauty and the Beast' sung by Angela Lansbury

In a tale as old as time Mrs. Potts (Angela Lansbury) sings about Belle and the Beast as they share a dance in the ballroom. Lansbury brings back old memories as she reprises this iconic love ballad in a romantic atmosphere. Her rendition brings a certain warmth, grandeur and down to earth appeal that no other singer could replicate. Who'd have thought a tea pot could provoke such profound human emotion?

4. 'Eye to Eye' sung by Tevin Campbell

A Michael Jackson inspired vocalist named Powerline sings this tune while Goofy and his son Max are trying to get on stage to meet him. At the time of its release 'Eye to Eye' wasn't a typical Disney song- its upbeat, 90s pop theme contrasted significantly from their usual classically instrumented melodies. Well, at the D23 Expo (an epic Disney event) Tevin Campbell and some dancers (attired like the ones from the movie) performed this show stopper and the crowd went wild. Its adrenaline rushing beat was so infectious that not only the audience, but even the cast got up and danced to it.

3. 'A Whole New World' sung by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane

One of Disney's most iconic romance songs. In 'A Whole New World' Ali a.k.a. Aladdin shows Jasmine life outside the palace. For the 65th Academy Awards ceremony singers Brad Kane and Lea Salonga were transported into the fictional kingdom of Agrabah where they dressed as Aladdin and Jasmine. And as they wandered the city's terrain Arabian dancers performed in the background. All they were missing was a flying magic carpet to make this live action interpretation an ace in the hole.

2. 'Do the Bartman' sung by Nancy Cartwright

Do the Bartman!
Do the Bartman!

This 1991 rap music video was big back in its day. It was directed by Brad Bird with backup vocals provided by Michael Jackson. The song ranked high on music charts in Australia, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and New Zealand. In a day dream, Bart imagines himself challenging authority and causing a dance riot during a banal school assembly. At The Simpsons Hollywood Bowl extravaganza Nancy Cartwright (Bart), the cast and crew closed out the night with an energetic and jazzed rendition of 'Do the Bartman.' You have to watch the whole video to absorb just how incredible and uplifting this ensemble was. Their months of hard work definitely paid off.

1. 'Belle' and 'Be Our Guest" sung by Cast

From Beauty and the Beast, 'Belle' follows our heroine roaming around town while its residents gossip about her. And 'Be Our Guest' has Lumiere singing about the castle's superb service. During the 64th Academy Awards Belle, Gaston and Lumiere came to life as their actors Paige O'Hara, Richard White and Jerry Orbach were on stage decked out in costumes and belted their hearts out. It's spectacularly surreal seeing these 2 dimensional individuals suddenly become real. And not only moving, but singing and grooving. As a Disney fan it's phenomenal to witness.

Hearing these songs performed by their original singers live is so incredibly surreal and mesmerizing that it feels like a phenomenon. The fact that these songs are (in a way) coming to life and how they're interpreted in reality is obscurely mesmerizing and regaling. I hope these type of performances continue in the future. I'm dying to see Pat Carroll in an Ursula inspired costume belting 'Poor Unfortunate Souls.'

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