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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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One of the reasons I love Kristen Stewart is that she does not give a damn what people think about her. Well, if you spend half your life avoiding intrusive paps and attending high profile events, crippling self-consciousness is not something you want to hold on to.

Kristen must feel right at home playing chilled-out stoner Phoebe in her upcoming action-rom-com American Ultra...

True to form, at the recent L.A. premiere for American Ultra, Kristen broke the rules, like any girl at a dressy event has longed to: she took her damn heels off.

I mean, seriously, how ridiculously uncomfortable do these things look?

That carpet's not the only thing that's gonna be red by the end of the night, amirite? Obviously, Kristen looked a million dollars in these pointed, shiny black patent Jimmy Choo heels (which, incidentally, probably did cost a million dollars)... but it's just not true that beauty is pain.

Just look at what American Ultra co-star Jesse Eisenberg is wearing for comparison. Kristen's got a brave smile on, but you gotta bet those killer heels are pinching like a thousand angry horseshoe crabs.

So Kristen being Kristen, is all SCREW THIS!

Sweet, sweet relief! This totally makes me wish that more people had taken Kristen's lead during the debacle at Cannes which saw women refusing to wear high heels BANNED from the red carpet.

You do you, Kristen, we love you for it.


Have you ever taken your shoes off at a fancy event?

Source: Cosmopolitan, Youtube


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