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As a New England native, the inherent creepiness of the region is something I discovered at an early age. The old houses, the sylvan atmosphere, and the long, thorny history all come together to create a palpable feeling that there's a presence there that goes way beyond what we consider human. It's a setting that's been used to drum up scares for years, from It to The Conjuring, but now a new horror film is going back to the area's eerie roots.

The Witch is an upcoming horror film that's already generating buzz for its spine-tingling tone and mysterious story, but it's the focus on this 17th-century family that really gives me the chills. The trailer follows them as they unravel after the disappearance of their infant child, leaving them open to an unknown evil that attacks from all directions.

Watch the terrifying look at the agrarian horror show right here!

With impressive cinematography and an overwhelming sense of anxiety, The Witch could very well be one of the best movies of 2016 if it lives up to this trailer. Let's take a closer look at all its haunting aspects we know so far.

In 1630s New England, a devout Christian couple are cast out of a colonial plantation

They are forced to relocate their five children to an uninhabited plot of land that borders a nearby forest, ominously rumored to be controlled by witches.

Immediately, things take a turn for the terrifying

The animals become violent and start expelling blood from their udders instead of milk. All the crops fail, and the family begins to wonder how they will survive. That is, until the unthinkable happens.

The infant child suddenly disappears without a trace

This tragic occurrence leads to the major events of the movie, as the small family begins to turn on each other out of fear and paranoia.

They blame the teenage daughter Thomasin for the crime and accuse her of witchcraft

Though she vehemently denies doing anything of the sort, the family's supposedly unconditional love is tested as suspicion mounts.

They go to extreme measures to discover the truth, unaware that all they're uncovering is evil itself

It remains a mystery if any actual witches will turn out to be the villains of this tale, but this brutal family manages to carry out enough harrowing deeds all by themselves.

Though the story is certainly intriguing, it's the mounting mood and incredible score that really make this movie stand out, so be sure to check out the full trailer if you can. Considering the director, Robert Eggers, earned a Directing Award at the Sundance Film Festival for his work, I'm already confident that The Witch is going be one of the most memorable horror movies of the decade.


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