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We may not be getting Daredevil's highly anticipated second season until 2016, but Netflix is not content to let the greatest blind superhero/avocado slip from our memories any time soon.

Pretty much since the first season aired way back in April, Daredevil's promotion has been top-notch, just another facet of an all-around amazing program. Now that most fans have already gorged themselves on those phenomenal 13 episodes, we're ready to leave behind the big, bad Wilson Fisk (for now) and enter a new phase of Matt Murdock's fight for Hell's Kitchen.

A major difference between Season 2 and the majority of Season 1 will be Daredevil's primary garb. The first season made the interesting (and, in my opinion, wise) choice to show something of a prolonged origin story, keep the hero is simple black street-ware instead of nabbing a more decorative and defensive costume right away.

However, the season finale sees a triumphant Murdock don the quintessential suit for the first time, so we can safely expect to see much more in future episodes.

Here's the latest (though obscured) look at the suit

It's probably just the lighting, but to my eye it looks like the reds are more pronounced in this suit than in the one that we saw in the final moments of the finale. I wouldn't be surprised if they made some adjustments to the overall look (since the suit appeared so briefly), and red is definitely more iconic than black when it comes to The Man Without Fear.

Daredevil in the first season
Daredevil in the first season

I know some viewers weren't fond of the look, but I think the material and reinforced toughness make a lot of sense within the universe of Hell's Kitchen. It's a gritty, boots-on-the-ground take on the comic book hero, so cutting down on primary colors and cartoonish fabrics is a no-brainer. Seriously, I'm just happy about the lack of leather.

Previously, the Daredevil Twitter account offered this more comprehensive concept look at the suit, but there's nothing quite like the real thing.

When will be see Elektra and the Punisher in full costume?

Jon Bernthal filming onset
Jon Bernthal filming onset

We know that the vengeful Frank Castle will be brought to life in Season 2 by The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal, but what will the character end up looking like?

The above shot was taken on set yesterday, and considering the cuts and bruising on his face, it's likely that this is how he will look on camera. I'm really hoping that Netflix is following the same strategy for the Punisher as they did with Daredevil, meaning this would just be a starter costume. I don't think I could fully appreciate the ruthless vigilante unless he's embracing the skull.

The Punisher
The Punisher

Plus, we know that showrunner Steven S. DeKnight wants the Punisher to have get his own standalone program, so it makes sense to give him a better costume:

I’d love to see him get his due on a platform like [Daredevil]. Nothing would delight me more than to see the Punisher get his own show and maybe we could convince Marvel to go Hard-R rating. If any character deserves an R rating, it’s the Punisher.

And what about Elektra?

Sadly, Elodie Yung has yet to be spotted onset at all, let alone in costume, so we'll have to wait to see how true to comics they stay with the antihero's costume. Luckily, Yung wore a very similar costume when she appeared in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, so we know for sure that she looks good in red.

We've got months before the return of Daredevil, but if these updates continue to eke out, I think I can make it.

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