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Rob Harris

You know how the book always tends to be better than the film? Well, I'm here to convince you that this is also true of readers and moviegoers: voracious bookworms are simply better people, lovers and partners, and you should totally be dipping your quill in that ink.

These 12 non-fictional reasons to date a bookworm will convince you that the next exciting chapter in your life should be shared with a word nerd who can drop a flirtatious metaphwoar or two. Get reading:

1. They send grammatically perfect texts, because typos make them [sic]

2. They can seductively talk Elvish to you in know, if that's what karna lle nin

3. They're well versed in shaking a spear

4. They're used to staying up all night long and won't leave you on a cliffhanger

5. They'll never get too possessive, because they always know when to use an apostrophe

6. They know all the differences between the book and the film, and how the book is invariably better

7. They have wild imaginations

8. They can never resist a good old innuendo

9. You can always get some peace and quiet when you need it

10. You'll never be wanting of stimulating conversation

11. They naturally exude that heavenly book musk all the time

12. You'll never be short of a heavy duty doorstop


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