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Kevin Bacon recently desperately appealed for more brave soldiers to unsheathe their salamis for the silver screen and follow the trail blazing paths of their tackle bearing forefathers.

Although full frontal male nudity in movies is about as common as a movie passing the Bechdel test, some exhibitionist actors have bared all for their art, and below are ten of the most notable for your viewing pleasure!

10. Ben Affleck - 'Gone Girl'

With a keen sense of perversion and the reaction time of a hawk on performance enhancing drugs, you might just be able to register a small flash on Ben's Affleck in the Gone Girl shower scene.

9. Tom Hardy - 'Bronson'

Unlike Ben Affleck's coy flash above, Tom Hardy gives us a riotous full frontal show of greased up, naked ultra-violence in 2009's Bronson and a flaccid cock has never looked so intimidating.

8. Geoffrey Rush - 'Quills'

It should come as no surprise that Quills, an imagining of the unknown fate of the Marquis De Sade, is a sensual romp through the pleasures of the flesh (and people moan about Miley Cyrus these days!), but the only time we see Geoffrey Rush totally nude is actually one of the most harrowing moments of the movie.

7. Kevin Bacon - 'Wild Things'

Kevin Bacon has cried out for more guys to show their salamis on the silver screen, and he practiced what he preached back in 1998 in Wild Things as you can see from the clip above.

6. Michael Fassbender - 'Shame'

There was no Shame in Michael Fassbender's package in the 2011 movie. In fact, it was so culturally prominent that Charlize Theron joked about its scene stealing ways at the 2012 Human Rights Campaign gala. Hurrah!

5. Jason Segel - 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

Jason Segal may have forgot Sarah Marshall, but we will never forget his nob.

4. Ewan McGregor - 'Trainspotting', 'The Pillow Book', 'Velvet Goldmine' and 'Young Adam'

Ewan McGregor was the Indie movie darling of the '90s, and there is nothing more alternative than jumping around on stage until your pants fall off. Fact.

3. Vigo Mortensen - 'Indian Runner'

Early in his career, Vigo Mortensen bared all at the behest of Sean Penn in Indian Runner.

2. Robin Williams - 'The Fisher King' and 'The World's Greatest Dad'

The late Robin Williams was best known for his brave comedy, but he was also courageous enough to bare all on screen as recently has 2009.

1. Richard Gere - 'American Giglio'

For an American Gigilo, Richard Gere was very coy about keeping his man meat under wraps, but there is one modest glimpse as he stares wistfully out of the window.

(Source: Daily Loaf and Gawker)


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