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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Which classic horror movie icon do you think has killed the most victims over the course of his long, grisly franchise? Just to make things interesting, why don't you guys take a vote before reading the answers below...

No cheating!


Which horror movie icon has killed the most victims (in his entire franchise)?

OK, now you've voted — fairly, I hope! — check out the top 6 kill counts for classic horror movie villains...

6. Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

  • Total Kills: 59
  • Total Movies: 7
  • Kill-per-movie average: 8.4

5. Jigsaw (Saw)

  • Total Kills: 87
  • Total Movies: 7
  • Kill-per-movie average: 12.4

Yeah, I know there's the 'Jigsaw never killed anyone' argument but come on! He put them in a gazillion basically inescapable traps and he's mad as a box of Gremlins, so he killed those people as far as I'm concerned!

4. Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)

  • Total Kills: 93
  • Total Movies: 9
  • Kill-per-movie average: 10.3

3. Michael Myers (Halloween)

  • Total Kills: 157
  • Total Movies: 10
  • Kill-per-movie average: 15.7

Here's one of the most memorable deaths for long-time fans...

2. Pinhead (Hellraiser)

  • Total Kills: 112
  • Total Movies: 9
  • Kill-per-movie average: 12.4

If you watched this when you were not old enough to handle it (like I did) you'll know that the claim to 'It Will Tear Your Soul Apart' is not mere hyperbole...

1. Jason Voorhees (Friday 13th)

  • Total Kills: 222 (if you wanna remove all the deaths from the first movie, it's still 211)
  • Total Movies: 12
  • Kill-per-movie average: 18.5

Well done for being the bloodiest bastard around, Jason!


Were you correct in your prediction?

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