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Mortal Kombat is famed for it's scandalously suggestive female characters who take avoiding wearing excess clothing to grab onto during battle very serious, but it turns out it's possible for these deadly temptresses to be ever more erotically charged.

I have dug deep into the depths of Deviantart so you don't have to and handpicked some of the hottest Mortal Kombat images out there for your viewing pleasure, but which one of these ferocious foxes will finish you?

Sinful Sheeva

Image by: Turtlechan

Kitana broke into the burlesque market with her ability to whip off her bra and panties at the same time. Score.


Image by: Nixminor

I think someone might have whacked poor Jade a bit too hard in the head, I don't think it comes off like that, babes.

Sonya Blade

Image by: Kenkira

Sonya Blade is serving up some fierce Tank Girl realness and I LOVE it.


Image by: Nojitsu

Mileena's bringing sexy back. Literally.


Image by: Infernal-Overkill

Scarlet is often voted the most titillating of all of the fighters, and this image makes it easy to see why.

Jacqui Briggs

Image by: Ganassa

Punch-drunk on Jacqui's junk.


Image by: Operatingthetan

Sindal was always my favorite thanks to her bewitching style, and this gal's still got it.


Image by: BlondTheColorist

You can't go wrong with red PVC. Fact.

Li Mei

Image by: Ortops

Li Mei channels Miley, and why not?


Image by: ElecoMoroco

Cracking with electrical attraction.


Image by: Urbanator

Hands up who's jealous of a pole!


Image by: Danil Subzero

Maybe her multiple mandibles are a bit off-putting, but at least she's not vomiting out those wasps this time.

Cassie Cage

Image by: Ganassa

The workout selfie has found it's way into Mortal Kombat culture, who knew?!



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