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If you've been hovering around Moviepilot the last days, you may have been privy to a great fan theory that lists the most powerful characters in Marvel history, in an easy to digest, and thorough, breakdown. It really is something!

When I was doing my research, I noticed that while the list was great, it didn't really touch on my most favorite super-powered beings, barring Thanos naturally. So I thought I'd throw together a little list of who I think the most powerful beings in Marvel lore are, and see what you think.

Starting from more street-level warriors, and ending with cosmic entities, get ready for some serious badassery:

1. Hulk

When he's in a more placated mood, Dr. Bruce Banner is one of the most brilliant minds in Marvel lore. He's an expert of many different schools of Science, and even created a friggin' teleporter.

But when he gets angry, he turns into one of the most powerful beings to exist. The Hulk becomes stronger the angrier he gets, he has shown off the ability to run at superhuman speed, and jump across continents, and can withstand nuclear explosions.

If the Beyonder, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, says that Hulk's abilities are essentially limitless - unstoppable even - I'd say he's pretty solid too.

2. Sentry

After being exposed to an experimental serum, high school student Robert Reynolds' body undergoes a phase-shift where all of his atoms move one step faster than time itself. The serum also induces a photosynthetic reaction in his body, causing him glow like the sun, altering his state of consciousness.

Despite being able to fly, having superhuman strength and speed, Sentry can project energy fields, control light and has psychic abilities. Is there anything he can't do?

Due to his abilities and his higher state of being, it's assumed that Sentry's powers are limitless, especially after creating the physical embodiment of his antithesis - the Void, who went on to kill very, very many people and heroes.

3. Thanos

Apart from being the most powerful Eternal, a mutant and having cybernetic implants, the Mad Titan is super strong, can emit different types of energy - including nuclear - and dabbles in a bit of black magic here and there. Pretty impressive resume.

Thanos, kinslayer, has attained omnipotence on multiple occasions, the first being when he got his purple mitts on the Cosmic Cube, only to be fooled by Captain Marvel into discarding it. Second was with the Infinity Gauntlet. After gaining all 6 Infinity Stones, Thanos wiped out half of the universe, including many heroes.

When Thanos got his hands on the Heart of the Universe, he absorbed the universe and crafted it again in his own image, becoming supreme leader over everything. This dude is mental. He can even travel through time and dimensions, can manipulate things with his mind and even beat up the Silver Surfer. He's on my soccer team.

4. Franklin Richards

So powerful, the Celestials see him as an equal, the son of Sue and Reed Richards is easily one of the most powerful characters in Marvel canon. Richards is an "omega-level" mutant, the most powerful of, and began showing his abilities right from birth. He's so powerful, his father had to turn his mind off as a baby.

He can manipulate molecules, matter and reality itself. He created a universe to house the heroes that Onslaught murdered way back when. A universe in his palms. He once reanimated Galactus (more on that later), defeated the devil, Mephisto, twice - killing it as well - and transported his unborn sister to another dimension.

Gifted and f**cking weird, man!

5. Abraxas

Abraxas is the destructive counterpart of the being known as Eternity, and is gifted with near-limitless cosmic power, which enables him to traverse and alter dimensions as he chooses, manipulate matter and energy on a massive scale.

Knowing of its power, Eternity created beings in each universe to keep Abraxas at check. These beings came to be known as Galactus, who is tasked with devouring planets in order to keep the bonds imprisoning Abraxas secure.

When Abraxas eventually escaped, by killing prime reality Galactus, he set out to murder the multiverses' versions of Galactus and wreak havoc on the universes. The Fantastic Four, their children and some other allies had to restore reality with the Ultimate Nullifier, and reanimate Galactus, to defeat the dark cosmic force.

His powers are said to be too great for human comprehension, and only the Living Tribunal and The One Above All have the power to truly stop him in his tracks.

What do you make of this?

Obviously this is all my honest opinion, but do you agree? If not, who would you say is your most favorite and most powerful character in Marvel lore?

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