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Chunk knew that when his stomach growled there would be trouble ahead, so maybe he could have predicted this was going to happen! Sandi Preston is the owner of the film's most iconic set piece, and when she bought the house she knew of her new home's history but never imagined things would get so crazy. A factor in her decision to buy the house was that the film was her kids' favorite movie as they were growing up, how awesome is that?

The house is famous for being the place where Chunk was made to bust out the "Truffle Shuffle" before entry. It's been 30 years since the film first came out and, just like Goonies never say die, the fans won't forget either.

Sandi decided to buy the house located in Astoria, Oregon in 2001 and for the first few years things were quiet at The Goondocks. But then, with the 20th anniversary, followed by the 30th anniversary, an endless parade of fans made a nostalgic pilgrimage to her home. At first, the owner welcomed the fans and even gave some lucky ones a tour around the house. But as the numbers grew, visitors stopped respecting her home. Sadly, those fans have ruined it for everyone now. The owner has been left with no choice but to close the doors.

The owner used to welcome the nostalgic glances at her home, but has had to cut ties with fans after they littered her garden with beer bottles and cigarettes. Even allowing their pets to make a mess all over her garden.

I feel really bad for this lady as she welcomed fans with open arms and some people abused her trust ruining it for everyone else. It may be part of a famous movie but this house is still a home.

Enough is enough for Sandi

Sandi has made it clear she no longer wants fans invading her personal space and shared with the Gazette earlier this year in May how the situation is affecting her:

"Though I enjoy meeting new people, it's become very difficult to live here. People walk up the driveway and stand in the middle of the access road or driveway and refuse to move when a resident needs to drive up or down."

The owner has put blinds across the house to deter fans from trying to get a peek into her home, as pictured below:

She also added this emotional sign to the location:

Imagine that you buy a house, fix it up, spend money, time and love. Then the city of Astoria encourages 100,000’s of people to come and stand in front and view it … This driveway (maintained by homeowners) sees 1,000+ people every day. Most are kind, fun and welcome, but many are not.

The Astoria City Councilman, Russ Warr, is Sandi's neighbour and has witnessed the mayhem unfolding.

"They park on the 'no-parking' zones, they park on the sidewalks, they relieve their dogs on their lawns. I'm surprised that she waited this long."

Fans are obviously not happy with the decision

One visitor, Linda Marincovich, who had made the pilgrimage to the location said:

"She should realize that there is a following for this movie and that people really want to see this house."

Ashley Jones is another disappointed fan:

"It's a bummer as someone who just wanted to come see a piece of childhood and something you think you're a part of."

After everything that the home owner has had to deal with, I can totally understand why she no longer wants fans trekking across her property.

This closure comes around one month after the 30th anniversary of the film

In the video below, fans talk about their amazing experience visiting the house, feeling like they'd stepped back in time into The Goonies' childhoods.

As much as I think that it is a total shame that this house has closed its doors and is making die-hard fans feel unwelcome, I can really understand why the owner has made the decision; this lady once welcomed fans with open arms, but just imagine if this was your home and people were not respecting it. Maybe, just maybe the house would be better off being turned into a museum, but for now it will remain a home.

Even with the deterrents in place, I am pretty sure truffle shufflin' fans will still try their absolute best to get a peek at the famous house!

If you have been lucky enough to visit the house let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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