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Who could have predicted when LEGO burst onto toy aisles everywhere that the company would expand so tremendously as to offer kits and sets that were faithful replicas of scenes from some of the greatest and most entertaining films ever seen?

More importantly, who could have possibly foreseen that LEGO would successfully expand into video games, offering thousands of hours of entertainment to children and adults alike through their own representations of film franchises such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and most recently Jurassic Park; and let's not forget LEGO's video game representations of the Marvel and DC Comics' Universes.

After each installment, fans of the LEGO video games have vocally wondered "What will they come out with next?" Here, we offer five film franchises that would be made of pure "WIN" if re-imagined as LEGO video games.


Full Moon's Puppet Master franchise is a cult classic that centers around a group of deadly puppets brought to murderous life at the whim of whoever controls the brain fluid that is injected into their little string-less marionette bodies. Although the films can be pretty gory at times, the LEGO video games have a talent for making light of any gnarly situation that might arise and injecting comedy into even the most intimidating of characters.

With LEGO Puppet Master, you could follow the trajectory of all ten - count 'em TEN - films (eleven if you count the hideously-produced Puppet Master Vs. Demonic Toys, which was brought to us by Sci-Fi and is not considered canonical) and have the numerous puppets - both good and evil - roam through various famous locales (over-sized, of course) from the franchise's rich legacy including the infamous Bodega Bay Inn and Dr. Magrew's House of Marvels.

Human-sized threats and puppet masters could be used as major boss battles. With the puppets running through oversized settings, you could encounter bugs and rodents as enemies as well. Considering the abilities of each individual puppet, hilarity could ensue at any turn, multiple costume variants can be unlocked, and should LEGO choose to include PM Vs. DT, the actual Demonic Toys (Jack Attack, Baby Oopsey Daisy, and Teddy) could also be featured as unlockables as well as the "cyber" version of Pinhead, Blade, Six-Shooter, and Jester.


Who ya' gonna' call?


You mean to tell me we have an actual Ghostbusters LEGO kit... but no LEGO Ghostbusters video game? Why in the blue hell not? For realsies?

Much like all of the LEGO video games before it, Ghostbusters could easily follow the timeline of the original two films, plus both remakes (with the male cast and the female cast) if the game were to be released at the right moment. Hell, you could even include stuff from the animated series as well for the true die-hard fans or for possible DLC! Imagine playing as Egon, Slimer, Venkman, Ray, Winston, Janine, Louis, and every other character that showed up in-between.

Given the franchise's signature wit, it's a no-brainer that Ghostbusters would be a sure-fire win for LEGO if adapted into a video game, especially if given the chance to play in a Sandbox Mode where you roam New York searching for various spirits to capture and take back to a sort of "trophy room" back at the legendary firehouse.


The Kill Bill franchise is getting tremendous attention again with talk circulating that Tarantino is on-board to do a third installment, along with star Uma Thurman. Again, this would be another game - much like Ghostbusters - that would benefit wildly from LEGO's humor given the fact that Kill Bill Vol. I & II are both so over-the-top and wildly fun to watch, despite the severing of limbs and the plucking of eyeballs (sorry, Elle).

Perhaps it'd be best - if this franchise were lucky enough to get turned into a video game - for it to happen once the third film comes out. Considering the plethora of memorable characters throughout the franchise - Beatrix, O-Ren, Vernita, Elle, Pai Mei, even Bill himself - casual and hardcore fans alike would probably have a blast fighting through hordes of O-Ren's Crazy 88 or being sent on assassinations and missions created specifically for the video game (maybe even getting something in the way of a backstory for Vernita, Elle, and Sophie Fatale).


Yes, the baddest of the bad facing off in video game format.

Freddy Krueger has always had a crass and dark sense of humor, something LEGO would definitely have to lighten up just a tad, but that doesn't mean it's impossible or that it couldn't work, right? The idea behind having these two icons of horror finally locking up in a video game would entail having to play through every story mission in-game, each based on a film from both Freddy and Jason's respective franchises: A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th.

What would make this game so drastically different from the others would be the fact that you'd have to be a bit stealthy to catch your victim, while also battling waves of security guards and police officers. The first story mission for Jason would be very interesting, considering you'd have to play as Mrs. Voorhees obviously... but wouldn't it be fun to turn into the Freddy Snake in Nightmare Mission #3: The Dream Warriors or become the mechanized weapon of destruction in Friday Mission #10: Jason X?

It all culminates in the final mission, a play-through of the actual Freddy Vs. Jason timeline. While playing as Jason and winning would just give you a LEGO-ized version of the original film's ending, playing as Freddy and beating Jason could result in an entirely new ending for those willing to play through again.


Puppet Master is too graphic and not "mainstream" enough.

Freddy Vs. Jason is too gory.

Kill Bill is too adult in nature.

For those reasons alone, we will probably never see those franchises as LEGO video games. Ghostbusters has a high probability of being featured one day (probably around the release of the first or second reboot, much like LEGO Jurassic Park). However, there is one LEGO game that would appeal to millions of fans... most who would probably check out the game at the local Redbox even if they aren't that into LEGO or video games.

That's right, a LEGO game based solely around the Disney Universe in its entirety! LEGO already has Disney products and Disney owns Marvel, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean (all who have their own LEGO video games). With the continued and long-lasting popularity of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, why not just pull the trigger and do an all-encompassing LEGO game for the Disney kingdom? Travel to different kingdoms and realms in Sandbox Mode and play as the likes of Aladdin, Peter Pan, Merida, Belle, Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, etc. - all led by Mickey Mouse - as the Disney heroes work together across various lands to help thwart the legion of Disney villains threatening to conquer the Magical Kingdom.

LEGO has always been known for providing a robust roster of characters in each of their games - sometimes, they are utterly useless, like Penguin's penguin robots in LEGO Batman - so this game would completely test their limits in regards to roster size and would provide players with amazing crossovers (Finding Nemo meets The Little Mermaid, Queen Elsa versus the fire-breathing dragon-form of Maleficent, The Jolly Roger battling at sea with The Black Pearl, the list goes on). Much like LEGO Batman, you could flip the script and offer players the chance to play through the story... from the perspective of the villains for more achievements, trophies, and other hidden characters.

Whether LEGO uses ideas such as the ones listed above or others that are more suitable for all ages, I think we can all agree that the monstrous company that started off in a small Danish workshop has more than enough creativity for its future to... uh... build upon.

Don't roll your eyes, that was a damn good closing statement!


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