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Mass Effect: Andromeda is lightyears away from its release date for the PC, XBOX One and PS4, and even more recent news has stated that gameplay footage won't be out for a good while either. Bioware have been scant with news as of late, though a recent interview shed a bit more light on what's happening with our beloved Mass Effect series.

One question that most devoted fans of the trilogy keep asking is what the ties between the previous games and Mass Effect 4 will be. Bioware and EA obviously want to make Mass Effect: Andromeda a title that any new player could hop into and enjoy - without any previous knowledge of the other games. But this game has the potential to dole out so much fan service. However, it seems that our favourite characters will not be a part of that service.

Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect 4 News: None of Our Favourite ME Trilogy Characters Will Be Returning

"Story-wise, it wouldn't make much sense" - Chris Wynn on the return of characters from the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Bioware are famous for their characters and remarkable writers. I've spent such a stupid amount of time exhausting every ounce of dialogue out of the ME trilogy's companions. It's the one aspect of Mass Effect: Andromeda I can't wait to engage with! But it's a bit upsetting to know that none of them will return. What happened to them all at the conclusion of Mass Effect 3? Was the planet that the Normandy landed on not in the Andromeda galaxy?

I totally understand their willingness to separate themselves from what has come before. We'll have plenty of new characters to fall in love with. However, I think ME fans deserve a great deal of fan service, rather than just the presence of "Races, [and] stuff like the Mako."

Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda

What Do You Want From Mass Effect Andromeda?

Now, Wynn did state that minor characters from the original games may be a possibility. They haven't finished with every character build for Andromeda and they are currently in the process of casting voice actors. Therefore, we may see someone familiar, but it's not going to be anywhere close to seeing Garrus again. I realise that this would upset the balance of Mass Effect Andromeda...but I still love Garrus.

What do you guys want from Mass Effect 4, though? Are you displeased with Bioware wanting to separate itself from the trilogy so much? Or do you really think that it will benefit the new game to exclude cameos? Perhaps if their plan for a Mass Effect HD Remastered trilogy goes ahead I can forgive them... Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


What's your favourite Mass Effect game?


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