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Pick up your remote and scroll through a line-up of shows including the popular shows and miniseries you would like to watch this August. HBO Defined brings to you the latest episodes of your favourite shows that have already become a rage with the audience or have had honest followers due to their unique content. Claiming to be the best in business, the channel offers you the original TV series that have been independently produced for the HBO viewers.

These originally produced must watch english tv series, are not only critically-acclaimed but have also garnered a good amount of popular response across the world. Experience a mix of 24 minutes to one hour long drama, action and comedy everyday and get to witness the best directions from the likes of Michael Slovis, Justin Lin, Julian Farino, Paul Haggis and Nicole Holofcener. Actors like Peter Dinklage, Lina Headey, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, Dwayne Johnson, Alfred Molina, Winona Ryder and Laura Dern are ready to sweep you off your feet with their acting skills.

Watch a royal conspiracy brewing in the Game of Thrones Season 5 or a web of investigations going on in True Detective Season 2 or look for the key in Enlightened Season 2, the shows are surely to keep you hooked to your TV screens from dusk till dawn. As you wait for their premieres with a bated breath, follow the newly launched series like Ballers Season 1 and Show Me a Hero Season 1 too. Explore the realities from a footballer’s point of view depicted best through humour and break your notions of a political society thriving in New York.

Game of Thrones Season 5

Stay tuned to the fifth season premiere of the epic action adventure, Game of Thrones. Watch the fantasy unfold when the power struggle for the Seven Kingdoms gets uglier. With the tagline reading The Wars To Come, the storyline for this season has been borrowed from A Song of Ice and Fire which is a series of novels written by R. R. Martin. Adapted from the fourth and the fifth number of novel of the same series, the game reaches its climax in the tenth episode this year.

True Detective Season 2

Titled as The Western Book Of The Dead, the crime drama true detective unveils itself in California. The season 2 premiere of the show has been conceptualised by Nic Pizzolatto. This season sees three police officials coming together to solve the mystery of a bizarre murder.

Ballers Season 1

The first season of this comedy called Ballers, tells the life-story of footballers in ten episodes. The series marks the debut of actor Dwayne Johnson and explores the complexities of a footballer. Watch final episode on first season on HBODefined

Show Me A Hero Season 1

It is based on a book written by Lisa Belkin. The miniseries premieres to explain the civic tensions and public resistance arising in a city in two episodes.

Enlightened Season 2

This comedy-cum-drama enters its second season and spans over 18 episodes to tell the story of a self-destructive woman who is determined to lead a spiritually-awakened life, only to turn her world upside down.

Watch the spectacular shows put up by HBO Defined that present a variety of entertainment.


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