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Rob Schneider movies are some of the best for those Sundays when you're truly feeling lazy, need some laughs, and don't want to think too hard. The dude is so unHollywood and yet made a name for himself in this crazy town by putting himself out there in some of the best comedy movies of the late 1990s and early 2000s. That was probably the sweet spot for him.

His buddies from Saturday Night Live like David Spade, in this case, acted as amazing collaborators for these very films. The Benchwarmers came out in 2006 and made a lot of fans of sports, comedy, and sports-comedies happy. I think a lot of people fall firmly in that category of fan.

So here's the cast of The Benchwarmers, then and now. A really classic flick that you should re-hash if you haven't seen it in a while.

Gus (Played by Rob Schneider)

Rob may seem like he's gotten more low-key in these later stages of his career, but that simply isn't the case. He's a busy man. He stars on his own TV series Real Rob. He was also in OMG, I'm a Robot! and his next projects which are still currently in the works are Life Outside, Adam Sandler project The Ridiculous 6, and he will play the voice of Norm in Norm of the North.

Richie (Played by David Spade)

Recently, you may remember David Spade playing himself in Entourage, the movie. Other than that, he's also been busy voicing Griffin in Hotel Transylvania 2, playing General Custer in The Ridiculous 6 along with his buddies Sandler and Schneider. He's also currently filming The Do Over.

Clark (Played by Jon Heder)

Probably still most known for his role as Napoleon Dynamite in the cult classic of the same name, Jon Heder was pretty hot at this time in the comedy scene. Oddly enough, his career is making a serious resurgence right now. In 2015 (and coming up) he was in A Mouse Tale, Weepah Way For Now, The Tiger Hunter, Christmas Eve, Killing Winston Jones, Almost Heroes 3D (voice), as well as a few shorts. Good to see he's still out there doing the damn thing.

Mel (Played by Jon Lovitz)

Yet another busy guy, Jon Lovitz was also in A Mouse Tale. Next on deck for Lovitz is Killing Hasselhoff, Hotel Transylvania 2, and also... The Ridiculous 6. Clearly, that'll be a reunion of sorts for a lot of those folks who kind of came up together in the biz.

Jerry (Played by Craig Kilborn)

Craig Kilborn was the original Daily Show host on Comedy Central. He was a tall former college athlete, and had a promising career ahead of him at the time of Benchwarmers in 2006. He kind of fell off the map as of late. According to IMDB, Kilborn is billed as “Kilborn” in “The Extendables,” a satire film by Brian Thompson about a disgraced hollywood icon who is hired to do an action movie in Uzbekistan. The film has a 2014 release date. Otherwise, he's been writing a bit and did some voice-work for Bojack Horseman on Netflix.

Liz (Played by Molly Sims)

Molly Sims is still a bonafide hottie 9 years later. She's recently guest hosted on The View a few times, and the last feature film she was in was Chez Upshaw.

Wayne (Played by Tim Meadows)

Yet another SNL alum who was in this movie and who has kind of bounced around a lot of different projects recently. He was in Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow's brilliant comedy Trainwreck. Coming up for him is Nigel & Oscar vs. The Sasquatch and Conner4Real.

Were you a fan of this flick?


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