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Rumors about Kylie Jenner's supposed pregnancy have been flying for what feels like the entire year, and, unsurprisingly, another round of these rumblings have gained steam this week.

According to Life & Style (a magazine that frequently puts the Kardashian family on the cover but rarely includes any real facts), Kylie is now two months pregnant with boyfriend Tyga's baby.

Here's the magazine cover claiming Kylie's got an unexpected bun in the oven

Life & Style Magazine
Life & Style Magazine

Supposedly, the entire family is freaking out about adding another member to the clan—presumably because there is a finite number of "K" names in the world—but the report claims that Kylie is thrilled to become a young mom at the age of 18 years old.

The article quotes an unnamed source to back up the article:

She is legal now and doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone.

But is any of this even remotely true?

Short answer: almost certainly not

First of all, this is at least the fourth time in under a year that a tabloid is reporting that Kylie is with child, so I'm immediately skeptical whenever I see a variation on that attention-grabbing headline.

In fact, Life & Style itself had previously reported that Kylie was pregnant in April, which would mean by their own calculation that she would be more than two months along by now.

The above photo was posted on Instagram only yesterday, and it definitely doesn't look like Kylie has changed anything about her life, let alone anticipating a newborn in a few months. According to the Gossip Cop, a site which prides itself on investigating celebrity rumors, you can absolutely throw this baby news out with the bathwater.

Lastly, can we stop the constant speculation about whether or not a TV personality is pregnant? To me, it seems pretty invasive and weird, especially when the person in question just turned 18 years old only a few days ago.

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