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I'm an independent wrestler based in Las Vegas who goes by the name Tommy Purr (aka The Man-Diva, the Sin City Kitty, the Brunette Bombshell

Growing up, I've always had a wild fascination for all things horror-related... it didn't matter if it was a psychological-thriller, a found-footage paranormal film, a B-movie with horrid special effects, or even the typical slice-and-dice slasher-fest. I grew up enamored with the storytelling stylings of filmmakers such as Wes Craven, John Carpenter, and Clive Barker... and found myself terrified to turn the page when leafing through a Stephen King novel.

As an avid toy collector, you can imagine my delight when Mattel unveiled Monster High, dolls that were meant to be the descendants of legendary monsters such as Dracula, Medusa, the Mummy, werewolves, zombies, banshees, and... oh, screw it, you get the picture!

Back in December, I was gifted a used drawing tablet from a dear friend and began doodling. Just for funsies, I drew a Monster High-stylized version of Chucky and Tiffany's daughter Glenda (Seed of Chucky) and what she possibly would look like as a high school... no, scratch that... as a bad-ass college student. Now, eight months later, I have drawn over 100 unique characters who attend the fictional , a college for the offspring of the horror genre's elite.

Only a fraction of what is to come.
Only a fraction of what is to come.

If Monster High was the place where "the ghoul kids rule," then was most definitely going to become the place where "the bad seeds succeed!" I make no profit off of this and have been searching for some time for a place to share my creations, just to provide some mindless entertainment, and I feel MoviePilot is an amazing place to share my creations with other fans of the genre.

At , you won't just find typical "slashers"... you'll also find every maniac, psycho, deviant, and oddball from every film, novel, and television show Monster High couldn't possibly cover... American Horror Story? Check. A Nightmare on Elm Street? Double-check. Beetlejuice? You bet! Ghosts, goblins, stalkers, inbred hillbillies, fairy tale miscreants, they have all flocked to this particular campus... along with the offspring of well-known horror heroes and "survivor girls." Some will learn how to survive while others will learn how to carry on their parents' legacies (or will they?).

Kat "Kitty" Krueger & Makayla Myers - #SLASHERU#SLASHERU" title="Kat "Kitty" Krueger & Makayla Myers - ">
Kat "Kitty" Krueger & Makayla Myers -

Along with any regular articles I may write, I am pleased to announce that every Saturday I'll be hosting and strongly urge you to subscribe so you can see all the new reveals every Saturday (weather permitting). There will be themed waves, masked and unmasked versions, and even character biographies for you to get to know your favorite slashers and survivors, whereas my official Facebook fan page will house all of the short-stories told from the point-of-view of a new character each time! If you'd like to find out what happened to Michael, Jason, Freddy, Chucky, Carrie, and so many others when they went into "retirement," be sure to check back every Saturday.

Until then, just remember, when there's no room left in Hell... the dead will go to college.

One more to tide you over!
One more to tide you over!

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