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Being a celebrity is clearly awesome. The perks are stupendous, the money is good, the fame is pretty cool, but the demand for your time can be pretty damn annoying. It can be such a nuisance, in fact, that often celebrities decide to enlist the help of drugs and/or alcohol to get through them.

Press junkets are an exhausting process, and what better way to pass that time than with a few shots to get in the zone? I can't blame celebrities for sometimes trying to loosen up a bit in the name of great media coverage. And boy, oh boy, did the celebrities on this list loosen up in these examples of some of the best interviews you can find online.

Check them out for yourself below...

1. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel had the best stoned interview of all time

Everything from Jason's "imaginary" friend Gideon to Paul Rudd making ridiculous faces, to Jason hardly able to keep it together, to the obvious bromance these two share... is perfect.

This is just so good. Clearly internet gold, this video obviously went viral. I really enjoyed the professional and game attitude of the interviewer. What a great sport!

2. Paula Abdul's amazing drunk interview was also incredible

Everyone knows/knew that Paula Abdul is a wild child, but she fully encapsulated that in this interview. The former American Idol host hit the proverbial jackpot by getting involved with arguably the most iconic reality show of all time... and certainly the biggest competition-based one.

But she's clearly drunk, possibly high, and definitely wilin' out in this interview with one of the local Fox stations. The Force is strong with this one. The Party Force™ that is.

3. Danny DeVito was very turnt up on The View

After a night partying with George Clooney, Danny DeVito had to show up to The View, and it was unclear whether or not he was able to sleep between the Clooney partying and show. Either way, he was just as amazing as he always is, and kept it somewhat together.

The [It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia](tag:200878) star had a few choice moments during this, that included sound effects that he kept making for some odd reason. He was pretty joyful, overall. I gotta say I always enjoy Danny's attitude, effed up or not!

4. Mark Wahlberg was low-key wasted on the Graham Norton Show and it was glorious

Some people claim that it's embarrassing to get too drunk on public television appearances, but when you're worth $200 million, it clearly doesn't really matter. Also, when you're Marky Mark, can anyone really tell you anything?

One of my favorite parts about this one is that the wine glass is clearly visible, and Wahlberg, while sloppy, is utterly charming. His inner-Boston came out and shined bright on the deus.

5. James Brown being James Brown on the news... she wasn't ready

The man himself, James Brown, was in a fairly serious interview about his court case, but the odds of him being sober for that probably weren't that high. Speaking of "high," James was. Very high.

The positivity and complete disregard for any of the questions is pretty much par for the course with this guy. So good.

6. Steve-O loses his sh*t on Too Late w/ Adam Carolla

Whoever's idea it was to let Steve-O get on that stage was probably also drunk and/or high, to be completely honest. How... and I really mean how... did this dude get so wasted? The belligerence is a little scary, but we have to keep in mind this dude is probably the most bad-ass of the Jackass crew so this is pretty much standard stuff from him.

It would be quite interesting to find out what kind of drug cocktail this dude made prior to this show. It probably included almost all of the drugs on God's green Earth. Just my guess...


I hope you enjoyed these videos. They are so fun to watch, because they really just show us how regular and goofy these celebs can be. Can't blame 'em for living life. And living it well.


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