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Good news, 80's animation fans!

Not only is Masters of the Universe, the upcoming big-screen adaptation of He-Man and the gang still very much on its way to our screens, but the project has also managed to recruit one of the most successful superhero screenwriters (and comic-book scribes) in the business to conjure up a script.

The lucky wordsmith in question? Why, that'd be Christopher Yost, co-writer of both Thor: The Dark World and the upcoming Thor: Raganarok. He'll take over from Terry Rossio and Jeff Wadlow, whose respective previous efforts have evidently not met with studio approval.

Or Thor's, presumably.
Or Thor's, presumably.

Now, for many fans, Thor: The Dark World proved to be one of Marvel Studios' lesser outings - with elements of its screenplay coming under fire from some quarters - which might lead some He-Man fans to suspect that Yost may not be quite the right writer for the job.

Whatever your opinion of The Dark World, though, there's actually good reason to be hopeful that Yost's hiring will prove a sound decision when it comes to Masters of the Universe. After all, his career thus far has largely been defined less by the Thor movies, and more by his sterling work on both comic-books and animated series.

Often working alongside his usual writing partner Craig Kyle, Yost has had a leading role in popular animated series like X-Men: Evolution and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, as well as co-creating beloved comic-book character X-23.

What's more, he's had a hand in a whole bunch of acclaimed comic-book runs over the past decade, including lengthy stints on New X-Men, Scarlet Spider and X-Force.

Or, in other words - he gets what it is to be a geek, and what it takes to adapt a beloved property into something great (and fan-pleasing).

Perhaps, then, he really does have the power...

What do you reckon, though?

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