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Laila haley's is the name of the girl who has done a marvelous work and she went for the audition first time in downtown Chicago. she already a veteran of several Quad city Theater production.

she has to wait for two months to hear whether she is selected for the role in sinister 2 or not so that is any full example of her what she has done.

she has played a role of Ghost kid totally there were five kids who played the role of the ghosts kid and lalia is one of them and she enjoyed alot in that role. it is we can stay stars that she got the role and her talent which gave her the role of the star.

her parents are very much excited in an interview her mother told media that they are very excited for her movie and because this movie is rated As R and also her family don't like much horror movies so laila is not going to watch the movie she is planning this.

so lets wait for the movie how much collection movie is going to do in the first month.

Source: Sinister 2


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