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You know them now as a superhero fighting team, dominating the ratings on CW and portraying the awesomeness that is the Flash on TV screens all over the world. However, did you know Grant Gustin was a high school, glee-loving bully before he donned the dashing red suit? Or do you remember Professor Zoom on Scrubs as J.D.’s spontaneous, playboy older brother? Indubitably, the cast features amazing actors. Some have been in the industry for decades while for others, The Flash was their first big gig. Here’s a look at the cast of The Flash before they joined the DC superhero tele-verse.

Grant Gustin - Barry Allen

With such a young face, people had queries about Gustin playing the role as the titular character of his own show,however he has shown he was a dashing actor before he put on the red suit. Debuting in Glee in 2011 as an openly gay, menacing Warbler, he went on to appear in a few small roles including featuring in 8 episodes of 90210's final season and star of 2014's Affluenza. After he scored the starring role as Barry Allen/The Flash that premiered to 4.8 million viewers, the highest CW premiership viewership in 5 years, he has cemented himself as one of the greatest young actors on television today.

Tom Cavanagh - Dr. Harrison Wells

Before the turn of the new millennium, Cavanagh was quite an unknown name as he acted in small parts in several TV series and worked in a number of TV Movies where he plays the likes of a rookie cop and even Jesus in 1995’s Maddison. After a decade in the industry he finally landed his break out role, starring in ‘Ed’ as Ed Stevens. After that four year run, Cavanagh continued with steady work on more well-known TV series such as Eli Stone, Scrubs, Royal Pains and The Following.

Candice Patton - Iris West

We know her as the independent, female journalist and the love of Barry Allen’s life but before Candice Patton assumed her role as Iris West, she appeared in several other TV series. Around 19, she booked her first television gig in The Young and the Restless playing Robin, followed by a number of guest appearances in hit shows like CSI: Miami, Heroes, Castle and Grey’s Anatomy.

Danielle Panabaker - Dr. Caitlin Snow

Getting her start as a Disney child star, Panabaker has emerged as a beautifully matured actor after her Disney years. Before she was rumored to be Killer Frost, she acted in Disney original films such Stuck in the Suburbs and one titled Read It and Weep alongside her sister, Kay Panabaker. Did you know Panabaker was actually in her own superhero crime fighting movie before joining the Flash team? Sporting a lot green and incredible plant-welding powers, she starred as Layla, in the fun, teen, action film Sky High.

Carlos Valdes - Cisco Ramon

A fresh face to the industry, Carlos first appeared on our television screens guest appearing in Arrow in 2012. instantly capturing hearts of audiences with his brains and humour. Before his work on CW, his heart was in music as he featured in musical productions of High School Musical and the Wedding Singer before touring nationally in the Jersey Boys.

Jesse L. Martin - Joe West

If you thought that Jesse L. Martin looked really comfortable in the detective uniform, it’s because he has had over ten years of experience acting as a cop. Starting in 1995 in New York Undercover, who would’ve known that he would be acting as the law even 20 years later. Probably most known as Detective Ed Green from the massively popular crime TV series Law & Order, Martin has also had some recurring roles as a doctor and a philanthropist.

Rick Cosnett - Eddie Thawne

Entering the film industry in a forensic investigators documentary, Cosnett rose to fame landing a job in 2013 as Dr. Wes Maxfield on the insanely popular teen drama, The Vampire Diaries. However, before that Cosnett frequently appeared in short films, such as The Elephant in the Room and The Terrorist. This strong-jawed looker just needed a few moments after he left The Vampire Diaries to land the role of Eddie Thawne in The Flash. We really hope we haven’t seen the last of Eddie on the show!


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