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Now, this is an article all about how Will's life got flipped, turned upside down! And I'd like to take a minute - just sit right here - I'll tell you all about what you can expect to happen with Bel Air.

Join me in a dreamy sigh as we collectively remember the '90s. Teenagers obsessed with chokers and holographic clothes. Pokemon had taken over the world. Fresh Prince had just been pitched to TV networks. Wait a minute...this sounds strangely like 2015! You caught me, we haven't time traveled, but it looks like people are willing to keep alive the finer things in life, and for that I am proud.

The web ('90s lingo, not as chic as you'd imagine) recently exploded with the news that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air would be getting a reboot, and that Will Smith with Overbrook Entertainment would be at the forefront of its production. TV Line has described the series as, "a new spin on the fish-out-of-water tale while retaining the spirit of the original series."

Fans wish they could dance half this well.
Fans wish they could dance half this well.

Of course, fans are excited for this reboot. While waiting for production to begin, we can't help but speculate what "a new spin" would mean. I've compiled a few theories for what fans could expect to see from the reboot.

DISCLAIMER: I would like to add that this is purely from the fans' imagination, and has in no way been confirmed.

1. Will's son (portrayed by Jaden) is now the main character

In this theory, Will has long since graduated college and made a life for himself. He has raised a successful family of his own - almost too successful. His children are spoiled brats, and he sends them to Philly to give them a sense of reality.

This idea is open to guest appearances by old cast members, and Jayden Smith has done his fair share of work in Hollywood. However, with the passing of James Avery it remains unlikely. Alfonso Ribeiro's nod to the Carlton on 'Dancing With The Stars' will have to keep fans satisfied. For now.

2. Rags To Riches 2.0

Although the possibility of a "rich kid going to the projects" story seems like it would fit the aforementioned "new spin," maybe the studio would reboot the "poor kid trying to fit into the rich family" story. With this route, they retain the fish-out-of-water fun of the original series but can reset the story with fresh new characters and the same general plot à la Boy/Girl Meets World. Perhaps they could change the location of the series this time? There's more room to play with the plot in this theory.

3. The Fresh Princess Of Bel-Air

While the world doesn't need another My Fair Lady-esque film/movie/musical, the option of a rough-around-the-edges female becoming accustomed to life in a posh neighborhood such as Bel Air is still an intriguing option.


That's all I've got for now! Like I said, this is all speculation. Until anything concrete is released I'll have to cuddle up with a good blanket and a Nick at Nite marathon.

Do you guys have any ideas or hopes and dreams for the reboot? What would you like to see most? Let me know in the comments below!


What do you think of these theories?


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