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Pokemon Z is still a mystery to us all. The release date for the next Pokemon game can't be that far away, with 2013 having had Pokemon X and Y and 2014 gifting us Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, 2015 is due a new instalment. Well, we did have Pokemon Rumble earlier this year, but let's not talk about that.

Pokemon Z is certainly still a placeholder name for the follow-up to the two sensational games, Pokemon X and Y, but these games demonstrate exactly what we're looking for. X and Y revolutionised the way we played these games, while astoundingly staying true to the formulas we've always. Pokemon Z needs to demonstrate similar characteristics and strengths. It needs to break boundaries, while staying true to the amazing games that proceeded it!

Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y

The Pokemon Games Pokemon Z Has to Beat!

I still remember buying Pokemon Red back in 1998. There wasn't a single guy in my class that didn't own a Game Boy as Pokemon became the quintessential title for Nintendo's console. Since then, I've dropped in and out of the series to see how it has progressed. My appreciation for the Pokemon games has been mixed since 1998, but I'll never forget my excitement with the genius of Pokemon Red.

Pokemon Red & Blue

What Pokemon Z needs to take from the initial games is that same sense of wonder. It's difficult to make us as excited as we were for the first instalment, but the way in which Pokemon X and Y brought some massive changes to the franchise is exactly what we're looking for. It literally brought a whole new dimension of joy to the series and made you NEED a Nintendo console again. If Pokemon Z can give us something to be excited about by its very design, we'll be on the right track.

Pokemon Red
Pokemon Red

Pokemon Gold & Silver

Pokemon Gold and Silver were the perfect examples of how to build upon an established idea. There were so many revolutionary aspects introduced into this game that made it feel completely fresh. The formal introduction of dual-types, a day and night cycle, and an expansion on the Friendship/Happiness system. If Pokemon Z can take everything we loved about the originals and give us something that we didn't realise we needed, we're sorted!

Pokemon X and Y

The thing about Pokemon X and Y was that they made you feel like you needed a Pokemon game again. Black and White were disappointing instalments that I barely played. For me, they just brought up the Pokemon count and not much else. Pokemon X and Y made me excited for the games once more and I sincerely hope the same can happen again with the release date of Pokemon Z!


What Do You Need For the Release Date of Pokemon Z?

Be sure to let us know where you stand on the Pokemon games in the comments below. Do you think that a different generation was more impressive? Then let us know in the comments! And be sure to tell us what you desire most from the release date of Pokemon Z!


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