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Colton Haynes (27), Is now filming his new movie. But He was seen on set for episode 13,14,15,16 and a part of 17, and then Teen Wolf or he wasn't there to shoot or Teen Wolf has a break of filming. What would make sense, because Dylan O'Brien (23, Almost 24) wasn't in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. He was shooting his movie when TW Was shooting Episode 16. So maybe Dylan comes back to shoot 16 and then Colton goes to shoot 17,18,19 and 20 With the cast. Off course if they return in December, January or March there is still a lot of time to shoot. Cody Christian (20) will also return as Theo Raeken in season 5B. Also Jackson Whittemore might make a lot of sense. Nobody saw him yet as a Werewolf. And they can make a beautifull story for his real parents, how they died. He also can come back as an Alpha, or with a better personality. Or Both. Also Kate can return in Season 6. Also Tyler Hoechlin can't shoot Teen Wolf till November, when he might shoot episode 20, and then leave again for his next movie. But Jackson will return in Season 5B. If he doesn't i will be really disappointed. Because all those rumours. At least if he doesn't returns, i hope Daniel Sharman (29) as Isaac Lahey, Charlie Carver (27) as Ethan or at least give us someone we like of another show to help the pack, Like Jake T. Austin (21), he is free. Drew Van Acker (29),he is free. Somebody. But i hope they get Jackson or Isaac back, and they stay for season 6 too, with Derek in season 6.


Do u think it's true that Jackson is back?


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