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It's that classic sweet story: boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy turns into a genetically engineered superhunk and gets trapped in ice for decades, girl is sad. Ok... maybe not so classic, but the tale of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter is very sweet. But for the practically minded among us there are definitely some unanswered questions, like did they have the chance to y'know, seal the deal? Both Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans have their own opinion, and the answer isn't as simple as you might think.

Meanwhile, Peggy is ready to move in [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765) season 2, as the writers have recently confirmed that romance will be a major plot point next year. But who will she step out with? And can they measure up to the indomitable Captain America?

Like A Virgin

Black Widow asked first!
Black Widow asked first!

It's difficult to have a love life when you're encased in ice. But there's a lot of Steve's life that happened offscreen, and it might be that the oh-so perfect superhero next door isn't so perfect after all. Fans always ask the hard questions, so in the spirit of serious investigation, Hayley Atwell finally gave a curious fan her answer at SDCC.

"I think so. I think they were soul-mates. She was into him when he was skinny Steve, because I think she saw a kindred spirit in him... So, there was a genuine affection for each other on a kind of heart level, and a respect level. But, yeah, I think they must have done it."

But maybe this is just wishful thinking on Atwell's part, because Chris Evans tells a different story!

According to Evans, good ol' Cap was "holding out for Peggy", still shy and reserved even after his epic transformation. If you remember the first film, Peggy and Steve didn't really sort out their romance until the last minute, when they shared this beautiful, yet fleeting moment.

Peg goes in for the kill.
Peg goes in for the kill.

While Atwell likes the idea that they slept together beforehand, doesn't that interrupt the flow of the romantic story? The poignancy of this kiss, that it's their first and last, would definitely be undermined if they'd already had sex. (Not that I don't love a good WWII barracks romance.) But hey, each to her own, and Atwell's definitely decided which side of the fence her opinion falls on.

So What's Next For Peggy?

Atwell's comments do line up with what the writers have planned for her romantically in season 2. They wanted to make sure that Peggy doesn't step out with another hunk, but to drive the point home that for Agent Carter, personality is key.

"The thing we need to remember is she fell in love with the skinny Steve. So when you're coming up with a character, it's not necessarily this hunk of a guy with a shield. It's what's inside."

So far so good, and for Atwell this person has to understand what it feels like to be marginalised by society: at SDCC she compared being a woman in the 40s to having a disability, which is why she felt skinny Steve, plagued by so many ailments, was a kindred spirit. And maybe that's why we saw so many cute moments between Peggy and Daniel Sousa in season 1... who has been confirmed as leading the SSR's LA office next season. Let's see where that goes!

Atwell has also hinted that Peggy might branch out and date a woman, though the writers have staunchly been using male pronouns when they talk about the next love interest. They are concentrating on making whoever she will fall for "different" from Steve though... Could we finally see Angie and Peggy go beyond their friendship?

What, no kiss?
What, no kiss?

Alas, news of Lyndsy Fonesca's appearance in Agent Carter season 2 has been pretty thin on the ground, but we'll hold out hope!

Until season 2 airs in early 2016, all we have are guesses as to who will be Peggy's next big romance. But with hints into her backstory coming soon, and a thrilling new enemy to deal with, Agent Carter season 2 is shaping up to be pretty darn exciting!


Who should be Peggy's love interest in season 2?


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