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Hiya friends!

Well you know me and my love of being a smart ass but there is one thing that is bugging me. I know if you like Superman you are probably reading Truth. Well you know something my question to Pak and Yang.... Why didn't Lois do her job?

I mean if I went to work and didn't fold clothes my boss, well I wouldn't have a boss because I would be jobless. So why did an investigative reporter not question that "source". Journalism 101 question everything.

Again Lois does nothing for me but a good story does. Someone just drops a story in her lap and she don't bother to check it. I know you a bit salty about Superman/Clark lying to you but isn't ironic that shortly after he tells you the truth someone just leaves you note saying... "We know..." And her reporter senses didn't start tingle that something was afoot and a bigger greater story was in the making.

Again she wants a story right? She suppose to be the best right? Her journalism teachers are crying somewhere for her failing to question that source. Again no fux given for Lois but having her do her job would have been a better story for both Superman and Action Comics.

So like Marvel's old what if... What if Lois actually did her job. Questioning that source with who are they, what do they want and for what purpose. Superman has many enemies but not all of them are villains: A.R.G.U.S, Sam Lane, Amanda Waller all don't truly trust Superman or his motives for helping humanity. Hmm she didn't think to ask her father a man who she knows hates Superman or the organization that doesn't trust him or that organizations handler who like good old General Lane doesn't trust Superman. Take SMWW #20 imagine Lois was there at that White House questioning Colonel Trevor as Parasite attacked Superman on the front lawn. Her watching Superman still fighting to protect a government that doesn't even trust him or worse caused him to lose his powers in the first place. Would really make ask...Who really isn't human? The man fighting to keep the president safe or the government that unleashed a monster to test if he still would. Hmmm again having her do her job she would have be actually doing something well useful and actually adding something to the story. Her fans complain about her not being used will... boys sad to say but you could have avoided that mass clombie spamming if you used her for a reason... hmm like her job.

So we now have Lois questioning that source, what to do, what to do... hmmm Call the ... drum roll... the Justice League. You have questions that need answering call Batman... the DETECTIVE...I mean if anyone could find out who's messing with Superman it's the heroes with vast connections across the universe probably could. Hmm inside access to the Justice League... drool.... Mmmm making my story better..... Lois faint. Again lady wants a story she has to go and get it.

Now Lois isn't just there, she THERE in the thick of it! She would start off as the outside voice, the angry voice, the voice of those who feel betrayed by Superman... so us. As she works alongside the Justice League in pursuit of the truth she would see Superman/Clark as he is. Imagine her and Jimmy in the thick of in Action during the block party scenes. Her watching the police brutality and racist exophobia being hurdled at Superman by those he has protected for years without ever seeking acknowledgment or thanks. Catching it on film as he still does his job as the protector. What makes us really human? The hate and fear of some or the embracing others. As she writes about the events of truth as they unfold she would start to understand SM isn't different from us.

Just imagine if Lois did her job in SMWW with Jimmy after SM was shot to pieces at the Kent graves. Imagine angry Lois watching Diana trembling hands pick the bullets out of Clark's chest. The most powerful woman in the world scared, panicked and afraid. She has never seen him like this. A humanising moment between two gods seen through the eyes of one who thinks they know... He lied to us... But with ever picture Jimmy takes it shows the truth... the fear in his eyes. She put her life at risk to keep me safe... She could have been hurt because of me... I have lost so much, she could be next... Her story is getting better and better....

Or Diana having a nightmare, you know from her being the god of war. Tears of blood streaming down her cheek as soft whimpers leaving her mouth waking Lois up. If any angry she felt is still there it would be gone as she realizes it's Clark's name she's calling. What is she dreaming? Those bullets going all the way through him. Peeking into behind a curtain she would see Superman watching over Wonder Woman wiping her tears away. He whispers nothing shall happen to you before he sneaks off to the white house. Humanising moment. Not for them but for Lois and the audience.

After seeing all the hot mess, the breakdowns, his friends and love. No longer would she be mad but see Superman and Clark are the same. Take Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn Jenner. Would her story be a moving if it didn't come from her? If it had been someone just writing about without getting all up in it to understand the why. Would we have felt compassion, love or support for her. Probably not. Would black lives matter mean as much if we didn't see the violence towards black bodies or the hate towards brown bodies because of religion or those who come here for a better life if we didn't see the struggle.... Tea time....

In the end Lois's finally story would have been not I'm mad but he is one of us. Again doing her job would have made a better overall story of Truth. Strengthen SMWW relationship, making a pretty relevant character relevant and make her not come across like a mad cow but as a function part of Superman's universe.

But that's none of my business though.... Y'all get paid the big bucks to waste ink and a potential positive character changing story. I mean Superman isn't preachy, weak willed, whimpy, a big dumb jock or boring anymore. And Lois isn't the cape chaser anymore so let her do her job.... report on stuff besides Superman. It's a big world, it's a big big world that hold mysteries that need investigating. Geez she isn't the paparazzi.... even though y'all think she is.... hehe Try thinking completely of the box next time. You had a good idea but... when it takes someone who doesn't even like Lois to use her properly than those who claim to love her.... Y'all have a problem...

Good hunting! hehe


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