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Andrew Brindley

We don't live in a perfect world. We live in this one. Not an easy life to live. As people, we look up to certain icons. Something which instills its own inspiration in us. So that we might fight harder and help others to live in this world beside ourselves. We need that push as humans. The shove that drives us to do great things. Motivation. Encouragement.

In 1939, two men created a character who would become a symbol. A symbol of dedication, willpower, motivation, strength, discipline, honor and a unwillingness to compromise his good nature. This character is know to us today by various names. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. But there is one name that is known around the world. It is Batman.

Batman has become a much loved character. But why exactly is that? Is it because he's dark and gritty? Is it because he's awesome? No, I think while those things have a part in the interest that Batman has achieved, it's not the entirety. I think people really do NEED Batman. Not just as a character in a book, but as a symbol.

Bruce Wayne is a fictional being. But he is still written as only human. He achieved where he needed to be to become Batman. His physical stature and presence is near perfection to that of what a human could achieve. His mind is that of some of the highest thinking and intellectual people on earth today.

Bruce Wayne would dominate in any top speed footrace against other humans. He would dominate a game of chess against the smartest people in the room.

This is why people love him so much. People want to be in the best physical shape they can be. But some lack the motivation and the dedication. People want to be highly intelligent, but not everyone is willing to read every book or take every class. Some people might have the motivation and dedication, but they lack the endurance in order to thrive. Than there are those who gave everything they had to reach their goals. They pushed all of their being to the point they thought they couldn't go any farther. Then they pushed more until they had seen the peak of weakness. But they saw that beyond their weakness was strength.

Those types of people are real life Batman. They don't run across rooftops or chase down criminals, but they did as Bruce Wayne did. The had a goal in mind and worked endlessly until they reached it.

In that sense, anyone and everyone can be Batman. Because it doesn't require powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men. It requires mortal men to become something more of themselves. And as long as we can look to the superior, we will always have a motivation for dedication and strength in ourselves.



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