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The nineties was an incredible time to be alive wasn't it? With the flared jeans, outrageous hair styles and some of the best movies ever made, it was indubitably a great decade. It was a time everyone thought the world would end, everyone was scared about this new thing called the Internet and mobile phones were giant bricks. The nostalgia is nice and all until you realise that the 90s was more than twenty years ago. As if, you say? Well check again. These four movies came out in 1995, making them twenty years old! 20! That means they're are just one year away from their first legal drink (in America at least), and as these films age into their twenties doesn't it just remind you exactly how old you are?


Clueless, the movie that taught a whole generation what 'sporadically' means, was a retelling of Jane Austin's Emma set in 1990s. The movie revolves around Cher, the prettiest and most popular girl in school who learns the harsh truth about friendship, popularity and love. With the hilarious slang, dialogue, funky outfits and a young, Paul Rudd, Clueless is like, totally wicked. A truly treasured capsule of the 90s era.

Toy Story

Doesn't it just feel like a few short years ago that Woody and Buzz battled it out to be Andy's favourite toy. A strong narrative about forgotten toys, this Pixar classic had every kid trying to listen through the walls to see if their toys could speak when they were out of the room. Toy Story was all about childhood and letting go. It was an emotional yet funny adventure animated film that showed audiences that it's perfectly okay for adults to watch, cry and laugh along to a children's movie.


When my class watched this in 8th grade, half of us immediately locked away all our board games while others were super keen to play Jumanji. Starring the delightful Robin Williams and a young Kirsten Dunst, Jumanji was a movie you would watch on a rainy day and be completely engaged with the antics and multitude of zoo animals that battle the characters on the screen. The film showed restless children that you could still have fun from a board game.

Billy Madison

It might have seem like forever since Adam Sandler was in a half decent movie, but he was comedy gold back in 90s. In his prime, one of his best films was Billy Madison, you know, before the whole man-child act got old but I digress. This wonderful classic was an amazing film with a lot of heart and good humour. It was a completely quotable and hilarious piece of film.

These great movies permeated throughout many of our childhoods. I bet you cannot believe how long ago these films came out.


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