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Hitman: Agent 47 is the reboot of the 2007 Hitman film based on the video game franchise by Danish company IO Interactive. The film hits theaters on Friday August 21st and stars Rupert Friend and Zachary Quinto as Agent 47 and John Smith respectively. Here are 7 facts about the film franchise.

1. Fast and Furious connection

In the first Hitman film, Vin Diesel was slated to star as Agent 47. Diesel’s Fast Seven co-star Jason Statham was the first choice to replace Diesel but passed on the part. When Timothy Olyphant took over the role, Diesel was credited as executive producer. The late Paul Walker was attached to play the lead role in Hitman: Agent 47 before his death.

2. Playstation cameos

In the first film, when Agent 47 jumps through a hotel window into a kid’s room, they’re playing Hitman: Blood Money (2006) for the PlayStation 2. In the new film, a man can be seen holding a Sony Playstation video game controller during a series of quick cuts.

3. Stunt accident

While firing a blank bullet for a scene, actor Rupert Friend accidentally hurt himself. The shell bounced off the floor and hit him in the head, slightly burning him.

4. Dark Angel homage

The footage from the opening credits of the original film is edited from footage from the Fox TV show Dark Angel. The television series shares a similar storyline with Hitman as they’re about genetically enhanced children who are trained as super assassins and soldiers.

5. Directorial debut

Hitman: Agent 47 is Aleksander Bach's directorial debut.

6. Masks

In Hitman: Agent 47, the tactical unit members in the film wore Dye I3 paintball masks to cover their faces.

7. A completely different scene

Hitman’s director Xavier Gens shot a completely different train station platform sequence than what was featured in the film. It took place outside the train station instead of underground and Agent 47 was questioning one assassin instead of fighting 4 in a sword fight. The scene would be replaced shortly before the film was released.


Which of these facts surprised you the most?


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