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Hello people of MoviePilot, long time no see! I had an email from one of the people from what I am assuming is the Head Office over here at MP, as they'd noticed I hadn't posted in a while and that I should definitely look at getting back into it! Feeling a bit more motivated, and with some time off work, here I am!

As you can probably infer from the title, I have an idea (whoa). If I'm honest, I've had this idea since I was 13, it came to me one day and has remained in my mind ever since. Most days it acts as a separate little world I enter whenever I get bored or distracted, piecing it together bit by bit over the past five and a half years. Right now I see it more as a fictional continuation of a life I very likely wouldn't live. My hopes, fears, some aspirations, they're all there. But how does this sound like a Superhero novel?

I give you, The Hero Project, my admittedly quite poor working title, but it'll do for now.

I'll try my best to explain the basic premise to you. Let's take a jump 10/15 years into the future, and across the pond to America (which city, mind you, is still undecided). Crime rates and fear of terrorism has never been higher. One experimental, dangerous program, created by a shadow-y organisation the public doesn't even know about, seems to be the last hope of restoring the streets to the people, and peace to the nation. This organisation has unprecedented levels of access into just about anything, and a budget to match. They know everything about everyone, and anything you think is hidden, most likely isn't.

They've created a machine that can allow the user to develop super powers of their choosing; pretty cool, right? Well, it would be if they hadn't chosen our main character. He's a sarcastic ass hole, but with good intentions at least (a lot like me). He's a recovering alcoholic who is also trying to find where he belongs in the world. When he (seemingly) stumbles upon the goings on of this organisation, he realises he's finally found something that can give him a sense of purpose, direction, and, let's be real, who wouldn't leap at the opportunity to have their own super powers?!

What starts as a simple "clean up the streets" type of deal soon takes a darker turn as a villain, with powers of their own, threatens to undo all of what has been achieved by our new hero and his mysterious supporting company, with a very personal vendetta against them all. Oh, and it all happens right around the time an old flame appears in town, brilliant.

I'm sure there will be plenty of nods to superhero culture that has taken over the world thanks to Marvel and DC, expect plenty of wit, but fairly balanced out with a few stabs at problems the world already finds itself in, and how we behave as a species with the technology and utilities at our disposal.

What would you do if you saw someone fighting in the streets with abilities you've only seen on the telly? 20 years ago you'd run away, but you're more concerned in filming it and posting that to YouTube for likes.

The combined character of the general public will play an important role in my story; how they react will shape the character arc of our hero and all those around him. I want to create characters that people will believe that are real, relatable, though not always likeable. Like I said, my main character is an asshole who has a sensitive side, I am not saying you have to like him, just because he's "a good guy", but as long as you believe what you're reading sounds like a real person, then I've done my job.

Expect many issues to be tackled in this story, especially how relationships (not just romantic) are handled by the characters. I want their actions to have consequences. Having the responsibility of a whole city purely to yourself, you know that a man, who is basically a nobody, then suddenly becomes a somebody, is going to struggle. There are going to be mistakes, my characters will all have some form of flaws, but that's what makes them human.

That being said, do NOT be under the impression that I am writing the next big young-adult phenomenon. This is not specifically aimed at teens, and why should it? Why limit myself? Hopefully there will be things that anyone can enjoy. If my mother and father wouldn't like it, would I really want to be proud of having my name on the cover?

But what do you guys here at MP think? Does this sound like it has potential? Is it something that YOU would want to read?

This all sounds fine and dandy, but I've got to get writing, don't expect any extracts any time soon, just some support would be great for now.

If you want a break down of all the ideas I've got for the whole series I have planned (roughly eight books worth) then feel free to drop a comment and let me know. All I can hope for now is that my ability to write this story is as good as my ability to talk about it.

Thanks for dropping by my article, have a good day!


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