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Catrina Dennis

The so-called rivalry between DC and Marvel comics has become a longtime staple of fan debate. While the publishers and creators don't necessarily see each other as competition, it's something fun for fans to argue over, and now Marvel has provided a little more fuel to the creative fire.

Back in June, DC took some serious heat from fans for including half-page candy ads in their releases. Marvel's gentle jab at that is done almost poetically, courtesy of their fourth-wall-breaking Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.

Thus, the "Candy Variant" of November's Deadpool #1 came to be, featuring a brawl between Rhino and Deadpool that is explosively interrupted by a half-page ad. Zing!

Whether this will spark a fire or not, I find it a pretty fun jab (and I'm a DC kinda girl), and who better to do it than everyone's favorite chimichanga advocate?


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