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Amy Adams, the multitalented redhead that so many of us now know as Lois Lane, turns 41 today as post-production on [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) continues.

She danced and sang her way into our hearts as the charming Princess Giselle in Enchanted; since then, Adams has taken on a diverse set of roles, delivering an emotional performance as the sultry Sydney Prosser in American Hustle, stealing the show as Margaret Keane in Big Eyes, and then returning once more to her Broadway-worthy roots in The Muppets.

Adams is a two-time Golden Globe winner with a long list of prestigious nominations - including five Oscar noms - and an exceptionally busy schedule throughout the next three years, thanks to the growing line of DC Extended Universe films.

So here's to you, Amy Adams! May you have a happy birthday!


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