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For a while, the script for Masters of the Universe -- the latest addition to Hollywood's endless trail of reboots -- has been stuck in development limbo. Both Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) have already taken a swing at it to no avail, but now, someone experienced in lines that include "thee" and other fantasy-related sayings is taking their chance with the pen.

Christopher Yost, who was part of the Marvel writers' room for the first two Thor films before ultimately being hired to write [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858) alongside Craig Kyle, will write the Masters of the Universe script for Sony Pictures and Escape Artists.

Best known as the series that made He-Man famous, Masters of the Universe takes place is the fantastical land of Eternia, where Prince Adam transforms into the iconic hero to battle against the evil Skeletor.

The film is obviously in the earliest stages of development, so there's no release date, and fans will have to wait patiently to see whether or not this new reboot wipes the failed 1987 attempt at bringing Eternia to life from our minds. Hopefully, it does. Forever.


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