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During the last 4 months, we have entered a world that we have wanted to see, but now am sorry that we are there. A world where Peter had stayed married to Mary Jane, and both of them combined must take care of a daughter that has the powers of Peter. A world where Peter was forced to kill Eddie Brock to protect his family. A world where a majority of the Earth's heroes were killed by the being known as Regent, and had their powers stolen. A world where Peter must hide his true identity in order to protect his family. Now, we are nearing the end of this world and Peter must make one final sacrifice to protect his family, by an means necessary.

Last month, we saw Mary Jane and Annie May Parker were kidnapped by forces while Peter was taking on the newest form of the Sinister Six. Now, we were expecting that this issue was going to be filled with action. Instead, we got a small battle and alot of dialogue so we can wet our appetite for the final battle that is coming next month. We also finally learned how this set ties into the overall Secret wars epic, which leads to alot of confusion as it seems that Peter has no clue that God Doom even exists at all. This new issue is fairly disappointing given the quality of the previous chapters of Renew Your Vows. It fails to keep the book's momentum going, and the visual quality is a noticeable step down. On the other hand, the renewed focus on young May is welcome, and there's little reason to expect the quality won't pick up when the finale hits. The main problem with this entire story as a whole is the character of Regent, who has virtually had no character development at all in this series. He is the main badguy, but why Peter's spider-sense would be so important when he has all these other abilities makes virtually no sense at all. But, we can try and look past that. In addition, the notion that Peter avoided the fight with the Avengers which led to the entire team being killed also makes little sense. The chances that if he was present, the outcome would have been different is very slim. Thus, the way that the remaining heroes treat Peter is very out of character. But, that's something that Slott is very known for. The best thing about this issue still remains its handling of the Parker family, and their devotion to each other. Some people will be going crazy with excitement with how May defeats the entire Sinister Six on her own in a matter of about 4 panels. Me, on the other hand feels that was totally unrealistic, but, I get the point of why it was done. The story as a whole could have been better, and the art took a major step backward in this issue. I give this part of the series a 6 out of 10. But, I'm excited to see how it all ends next month.


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