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Ever since "Forever Evil" in 2013, we have been waiting for the war between Darkseid and the Antimonitor to begin. In the last few months, the battlelines have been drawn and we have seen many characters trying their hardest to ensure that this fight never takes place. But now, as of this chapter, the first act of this epic is complete, and the two powerhouses of the DC universe are about to do battle. The battleground will of course be Earth, which they have stated is collateral damage to ensure that Darksied or the Antimonitor is fully defeated. But, the question that plagues the Justice League in this issue is "Whos side are we on?" because neither is a positive thing. Do they side with a being they know nothing about or a force that has tried to destroy their planet already and failed.

Justice League is still being divided into a number of smaller stories that tie into the one giant epic known as "The Darkseid War". All the main characters are present and accounted for and again the art doesn't do the story the full justice that it deserves. But, everything works out well. A new form of Batman is on full display yet again, as we see a Batman who knows even more then he has ever known before. But, will this be good or bad in the longrun? We see finally the team up between Superman and Lex Luthor on a foreign world where Superman is just as powerful as a human. But, as Lex points out, Superman will never be "human". But then, there is also the rest of the League, who must witness as Darkseid finally appears on Earth to meet his foe. The splash page of these two Gods squaring off with the Earth hanging in between them is, personally, my favorite piece of Faboks art that I've ever seen. The Darkseid War is further proof that Geoff Johns does event-worthy storytelling better than just about anyone. This issue further ramps up the excitement and attention while showcasing Jason Fabok's phenomenal storytelling skills. This issue also proves that a comic doesn't need to be filled with action to get a story developed. There is barely any present in this issue, but that's fine because the cliffhanger(s) present in this issue warn us that there will be alot of bloodshed coming in the next few months as this epic hits Act 2. Johns again does a great job and the art makes the story even better. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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