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Right now, we are in a great movie era. We have Marvel and DC, we have James Bond still, huge hits like Transformers, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter (3 Spinoffs are in production). But, some movies that are coming out sound downright dumb. Sure, we still have allot of great movies coming in the future, but we also have terrible ones.

To start off, we have an Emoji movie. Maybe they will do something cool with it, but the thought sounds very dumb. You could say it will be like The Lego Movie, but I say no. The Lego Movie had a whole universe to create a movie on, and coming up with a plot shouldn't have been too hard. But, making a movie about Emoticons that you use on your phones and don't have any other body part but a face? This is an obvious cash grab that could flop or be great.

Also, there is a Pez movie coming out. This is where you can sense a cash grab right off the bat. It's a movie about candy. Pez has characters at the top and you dispense candy out of them. They're making a movie about it. *Sighs*.

Another thing I'm worried about is all the live action films coming from Disney. They are taking all their animated films, and turning them into live action films. Sure, Maleficent and Cinderella were great, but what are they going to do with Dumbo? It seems to much like a cash grab to be true, and Disney is already a huge money maker.

Do you think any of the movies I listed should be made? Or should they just be left alone? Let me know if I missed any that are terrible that are coming out soon.


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