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I have over 20,000 comic books and have read them since I was 5yrs old. I am a self proclaimed expert in all DC/Marvel related issues.
Cameron Grindall

The end is near.

Well I just wanted to tell you how utterly appalled I am at how many of you self proclaimed experts on Marvel or DC are ruining the comic experience. This generation is so corrupt with your unfounded posts of meaningless misguided thoughts, you are destroying the very fabric of space and time. I've read a lot of these post talking about which actor was better at playing said superhero. Let's first talk about that awful juggernaut and how they could have easily made it better with a little CGI, now I know they want a real person playing the role but look at what they did with The Hulk! In not using CGI you destroyed the Juggernaut, no amount of reasoning with the director will change that.

Now I can't wait to see how badly they destroy Apcalypse and maybe Oscar Isaac is a great actor but he knows nothing of the great En Sabah Nur and most likely will brutalize the role. I really do hope they will use some CGI and not only that but understand that they can't just wave the Hollywood magic wand and kill him. Don't get me started on Rogue and how when I went to see the first X-Men movie how angry and frustrated I was, those poor people sitting in and around the area of my seat must of thought I was nuts. There is no good reason on changing the characters I grew up loving and hating, you could easily keep the characters origin truthful and the new generation would still love them. Now for The Fantastic Four it was a disaster both times and just in case you forgot this is what Galactus looks like.

Is it really hard to do? Instead I had to look at some cosmic gas cloud thingy, like really! Is that the best you can do, makes me want to puke. Now I haven't seen the new movie yet and I'll wait until it comes out on DVD so I don't have anything negative to say yet but just hearing from word of mouth I'll yet again be disappointed. I will say this The Thing looks so much better.

Here is a picture just in case you forgot what the Juggernaut looks like, I know for some of you its hard to comprehend the sheer massive size and power of the Juggernaut or Apcalypse and want to make a movie based on some ridiculous notion that you know better than all the countless millions of die hard fans that have been waiting decades for their hero's and villains to come to life on the big screen. I say to you, shame on you shame on you all.


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