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In 2006, Marvel entered the "House of M", an alternate reality that was ruled by Magnus and his children, and the mutants were seen as the dominant species on the planet. To be human was seen as being a crime. The Sentinals of Magneto were in charge of capturing and imprisoning anyone that didn't have superior powers. But, eventually a number of heroes learned that this was not real and set off to defeat the character responsible for this; the Scarlet Witch. By the end, we were given the 3 words that forever changed the X-men comics "No More Mutants". But now, in the midst of Secret Wars, we are again entering the House of M.

Visually, the House of M didn't disappoint at all. We again saw all the character designs that we loved in the original storyline. It was clear that Marco Failla is the right artist for this tie-in when he brings the necessary level of energy for one that is full of action. But, where the art succeeds, the writing by Hopeless fails. For one thing, we are thrust right into the action with very little character development to support what is going on. We are expected to remember everything that happened in the last epic from 10 years ago which is not a great way to do a story. The focus of the story is all over the place in the first issue, as we see all of the Magnus children bickering yet again and the last resistance of the humans as they fight the forces of the House of M in a grueling battle. But, the cliffhanger does show that there is more to this epic that meets the eye. As a story, it doesn't really tie into the Secret Wars epic at all. As far as I can remember, there wasn't even a mention of God Doom in the comic, minus when they referenced his name. It may seem like I'm being particularly harsh on this issue, but there is a lot to like. Given the amount of characters being juggled, and having to condense a world we were introduced to through a huge event down into a few issues, this could have been a trainwreck. Seeing the Red Guard in action, the interactions between the three Magnus siblings, the introduction of new characters to the House of M world, and the last page all show that there is plenty of potential here. With all of the first issue setup out of the way I'm excited to see where Hopeless takes the story next. Enough so that despite the problems this issue had I'd still recommend the series to both fans of Dennis Hopeless, and fans of the original that have wanted to see more of this world. I give this first chapter a 6 out of 10.


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