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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is pretty awesome. The next film in the franchise is [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) that comes out next spring. We get to see Captain America and Iron Man face off as they split the Avengers in half. There are going to be a lot of awesome things in this movie. We've got leaked pictures of Cap vs. Crossbones and we see it, or we know some people saw it in the teaser trailer at the D23 Expo which Marvel does not want to release to us, dangit! In this movie, we get to finally see Spider-Man join the MCU. He's getting his own solo film, I wrote about what I think we'll see or what we should see, go check it out! So who is Captain America fighting?



This superhero fighting Cap is no other than...


That's right guys! It has been reported that Tom Holland just shot a battle scene against Captain America in Germany. This is awesome, but why is it so important? Well, we don't know how Spider-Man even comes into play in the first place, but we have to speculate. We already knew he was on Iron Man's team and this double-confirms it. What if Iron Man tracks down Spider-Man and convinces him to register to help him come hunt down Cap and his team. Iron Man sees Spider-Man's suit is well, the homemade one we've all been talking about. This is when Iron Man makes Spider-Man his suit and then he goes on to fight Cap! Spider-Man will probably realize he's on the wrong side and join Cap's team and convince Iron Man to his senses. Also, I am speculating General Ross turns into Red Hulk, and that's where Hulk comes in. And no, they are not killing anyone off, at least anyone vital to the MCU.

So, what do you think Captain America vs. Spider-Man will be like? Tell me below!


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