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Alright, before starting, I want to ask everyone to please be kind in the comments section. Disagreeing with me is fine, and I would have disagreed with myself a couple of days ago, but please don't start screaming that I'm an idiot for having an opinion.

Alright, so no doubt the Fantastic Four reboot was a failure in the eyes of the world, and it performed so badly that it seems the planned sequel may be replaced by a Deadpool sequel, but what was actually wrong with it?

I believe that the sequel should still go ahead, and here's ten reasons why.

1. The Origin Story!

Let's face it, the way the new film handled the origin was way better than the 2005 version. I really wish they had started with an established team in this film, because it would have been way easier, but seeing as they didn't, I think the way they dealt with the origin was excellent. Did they spend too much time on it? Yes, but that doesn't make this a bad film, and if they can do an origin story well then imagine what they can do with the team already being established? The scenes from Reed and Ben's childhood were an excellent way to begin as well, and showing Reed's first meeting with Sue was great!

2. The villain!

Now I really hate the 2005 version of Dr Doom, played by Julian McMahon. I like the guy as an actor, but that was poor, and his presence in the sequel was unnecessary and annoying. However Toby Kebbell was really top notch. From the hesitation to put him in the programme at the start, you could see his dark side, and his being left on the other planet really made a great story. His final plan even rocked. Let's face it, the 2005 version had no real threat in the end. For more on that, see this great article on why this film is better than the 2005 version.

3. The Universe!

What a scene!
What a scene!

It was understandable that with the 2005 version not being connected to the X-Men Universe in any way, they just kind of gave up. But they have plans to finally bring together a cohesive cinematic universe with the X-Men and Fantastic Four (and Deadpool!) so with the origin story already done, they should at the very least give it a go, right? No point in doing all the prep work if you don't at least roll the dice on the sequel!

4. What else will they do?

Thing smash!
Thing smash!

Let's face it. Fox is not Sony. They don't want to make a deal, or need to make a deal. Sony were in desperate trouble because their main Marvel character was floundering, but Fox still have a heavy load of characters who can keep their films going for another decade, and then they'll just try this again with a new Fantastic Four cast. They don't want the rights to return to Marvel, and they're prepared to make just about anything to keep them... and we don't want another 1994.


So just give this team a chance to do more films, because they're already established and they weren't actually that bad, okay?

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Do you want to see this Fantastic Four return?


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