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I hate the Call Of Duty series.

I got sick of playing the same shit over and over again. So I swore that I would never pick up another title as long as I lived. But maybe things have changed.

Is Black Ops 3 the saving grace that will change people's minds to get back into the series?

To start things off, I know that the franchise is still making millions, and has a huge following. But so does the Transformers film series.

This is not a positive.
This is not a positive.

Ever since Modern Warfare 2, people began to change their minds of the series as a whole, and it has since become somewhat of a joke in the game industry, as the game series that does not change. Other than zombies, there was little reason for me to give the game any attention.

Hours of fun
Hours of fun

But this E3, Treyarch managed to wow me with their presentation, and got me excited for the game. Well now since the Beta is out, I finally was able to get my hands on it. And after essentially a whole day of playing it I have come to the conclusion.

It's good.

Now let me elaborate, this game appears to be making an effort to actually changing things to make the game feel fresh, but at the end of the day it's still Call of Duty. The illusions that this game would feel completely different were a pipe dream, but none the less it still an enjoyable experience. Gameplay is much more fluid, and far better paced than say Advanced Warfare. The wall running is a welcome addition, which gives the game a new dimension that no longer limits you to the ground. The gunplay is the same as ever, tight and responsive. The scorestreak system is still in place, much better than the killstreaks of yesteryear. All in all the gameplay is the same with just an added speed thanks to the wall running and boost slide abilities.

Now one of the bigger additions to the game are the specialists classes.

You can now choose a character that has a unique face, personality, and their own unique skills and abilities. Now before you think that this sounds like Team Fortress 2.

Well you aren't completely wrong, but it is much more subtle. Your weapons still run on a class system, which you have full control over. But the abilities that regenerate on their own, is what makes them unique. These special attributes can range from giving someone a speed boost, to the ability to use a bow and arrow for sniping, a limited armor upgrade, and a rail gun that can chain kill multiple enemies if used right.

Overall Treyarch appears to at least be attempting to mix things up. Which it does swimmingly.

Now with all that said, the game is still a call of duty game. Maps are still small, gameplay is fast paced to the point where you will die a lot if you are not 100% in the game. Some kills still feel cheap. Spawn killing is still a major problem. Which hopefully is just an issue with the beta. The game did drop a few frames here and there, but again I am chalking that up due to the beta. Overall the game still lacks any real challenge or strategy. It really just comes down to how good you are at quickly shooting people and if you have a great loadout.

Personally this is one of the reasons why I kind of gave up on Call of Duty, and moved onto Battlefield.

Holy shit!
Holy shit!

Then when I was done with that, I began to just feel meh towards all competitive FPS games, and this is no real exception.

My final verdict of this game is tricky though. While this game still did not change my view of the COD series entirely, it did budge it.

If you are a die hard COD fan, well get ready for possibly the best Call of Duty in years.

If you are on the fence, or on the way out of playing the series, this game may reel you back in for one more helping.

While if you are like me and just over this series entirely, well it wont. But I can say this, possibly in the future, when this game is bargain mart cheap, and you want to play the Zombies mode like I do, you may buy it as a guilty pleasure.

Don't worry I won't tell.


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