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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post on Moviepilot, and it feels a bit out of place. I'm your average graphic designer by trade, but I could never get away from my passion for illustration. So while many are posting in-depth articles about the comic book universe, I feel my contribution would best be from the canvas.

I had originally wanted to do a Batman vs. Superman piece, having been hyped by the new trailers, but by chance I stumbled upon one of the covers of the old Superman comics. It was the cover of Crisis On Infinite Earths#7 and though I had seen it before, there was a strange urgency to draw this scene.

Aside from applying my own style to the iconic scene, I decided not to give Superman the same screaming expression. I envisioned a quiet scene, no dramatic soundtrack, maybe just a soft piano. I wanted a somber Superman, a silent kind of sorrow, too tired and spent to scream. I'm not sure if I succeeded, but you can let me know your thoughts!

Speed Drawing

This is the process video from start to finish, done in Manga Studio.

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