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Miles Morales.

Like many people, I was disappointed that MCU decided to go ahead with Peter Parker instead of Miles Morales. It was a move that for me, was a lacklustre choice. We have already had two Peter Parker franchises. Now we are getting a third on which will be three franchises of Peter Parker in 15 years. The plot to both franchises were repetitive and predictable. Basically, Parker gets bit by a radioactive spider and fights crime willingly. Now for me this is overkill of Peter Parker. However, since Marvel have shared rights to Spiderman we can hope that this will be third time lucky. But I do think that Marvel are missing a trick in not going with Morales. Miles Morales has a different origin story. Incase some people are not familiar with his origin story, Morales was bitten by an Oscorp radioactive spider. However, Miles at first did not embrace his new powers he shyed away from them. His upbringing is different to Parkers in that he has a mother and father aswell as a criminal uncle. Miles has a completely different lifestyle to that of Parkers. Which I can not see why MCU went with Parker but for only playing safe.

Miles Morales should of been in the MCU as Spiderman instead of Peter Parker.

However, I am more encouraged than ever that we will see Miles Morales in the MCU. The reason for this is because of the deal Marvel made with Sony. As i said before, Miles's origin is connected to Oscorp. Sony have the rights to everything Spiderman in film. Aswell as that Morales also went up against Spidermans old foes such as Electro and the Green Goblin. Also we have the Civil War movie. A movie that Spiderman has a prominent part in it. If Marvel went with Morales first they could of easily incorporated him into the movie without mentioning Peter Parker. The plot could of easily had mention of Oscorp and involve Morales through that and eventually being involved in Civil War. I am just wishing. But I see more potential to include Miles rather than Parker. Morales is fresher, he represents the true demographic of society and above all else...he has superior powers to Parker in every way. Morales has invincibility, Venom Strike and still an unknown power that generates huge blasts. What kid would not want to be Miles with his awesome powers?

Miles can camouflage.
Aswell as use his Venom blast.
Morales using his awesome but still unknown power.

There is actually no reason not to include Morales now. One can say that they need Parker first before Morales. I can understand that but is this the only reason for Miles exclusion? If anyone is a movie buff, especially with superhero movies will know that scripts change. You can have Morales and Parker together at the same time. But again, no one can give me a valid reason for MCU and Sony to excluding Morales.

Miles and Peter together. However, Miles is already a capable fighter along with his powers he can match Parker.

Of course, As we know Tom Holland will be playing Peter Parker. An excellent choice. But with the growing popularity of Miles Morales it will be harder for MCU to ignore Morales. After the Secret Wars comic Miles Morales is the main Spiderman and a fully fledged member of the Avengers. A move that justifies his ever growing popularity. Which goes back to my original point that MCU and Sony played safe. Also Marvel and Sony made Parker a young man. Which is a calculative move by Sony. The longer they have Parker onscreen the longer it will take for Morales to be in the MCU.

Of course, Parker needs to exist first before Morales comes in. I hope that we see Morales after Civil War. As we see in Avengers Age of Ultron no one is safe from being killed off. Maybe Parker will die in his solo movie in 2017 and Morales takes over (hopefully).


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