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Tragedy struck this past week when Lenny Robinson, also known as "Route 29 Batman," was hit by a car and killed. Fans of Batman and Robinson's endless work to help children poured in heartwarming messages of gratitude, and fellow charitable costuming groups like the 501st Legion saluted the late hero for his efforts. Robinson, who famously invested his millions of dollars into charity, a batmobile, and a costume, making it his mission to inspire confidence and courage in local children.

Robinson, via
Robinson, via

On the day he died, just hours before the accident, Robinson helped an 8-year-old named Jacob when he was being bullied by other kids. Robinson worked toward a positive anti-bullying message, and would often help kids who needed a confidence boost, or visit sick children in the hospital. Jacob had asked Batman to see him again, and the hero made a promise -- so, at the same time Robinson was being laid to rest, John "Huntington Batman" Buckman volunteered to fill his shoes during an appearance so that Jacob and his classmates wouldn't be let down. The result is extremely emotional:

Batman met and took photos with all of Jacob's classmates, sharing a passionate anti-bullying message with them:

You don't need superpowers to be Batman, do you understand that? Batman has none. It's all about gadgets and caring for others.

Jacob was the only person allowed to ride in and revv up the Batmobile with a personal set of keys that Batman bestowed upon the boy. When Jacob went to bed that night, his mother says, he was still clutching the key.


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