ByAnup Dutta, writer at

Captain America transcends basic Hollywood goodness !!

Iron Man is the sardonic billionaire genius, Thor is the swashbuckling Norse god, the Hulk is the scientist trying to rein in his inner green rage monster, and Captain America? Captain America is the saddest Avenger !!

Chris Evans' Steve Rogers walks a very fine line. He's a good guy down to his core, a straight-shooter who always stands up for what's right even if it makes him the least popular and least cool guy in the room. In so many movie heroes, this kind of stoic allegiance to truth, justice and the American way is an albatross. It makes them seem dull and uncomplicated. it's why so many generic action movies feature instantly forgettable protagonists, but memorable villains. It's a battle Superman has to fight every day in fanboy circles -- boy scouts are boring. Everyone likes a bad boy.


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