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Ride Along, believe it or not, took FOUR screenwriters to create. Obviously quantity doesn't equal quality, because Ride Along is a lazily directed and terribly edited excuse for a buddy-cop comedy.

Kevin Hart stars as Ben, a video game-loving high school security guard who dreams of becoming a cop. Wanting to marry his girlfriend Angela, he must prove to her brother James (Ice Cube) that he is worthy of her. James is a detective, and he brings Ben along with him in a 'ride along' for a chance to show his worth.

Ride Along begins with a clunky opening scene where Cube negotiates undercover with a seedy Serbian mob. Director Tim Story doesn't seem to have any idea on how to craft an exciting action scene. To be fair, nobody's watching a comedy with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube for visceral stunt sequences, but all attempts at fuelling adrenaline fall flat because they are oppressed by Hart's constant squeally, non-stop, self-deprecating screeching.

From what I've seen, Hart can be a pretty funny standup comic. He's a naturally funny man and there are a few scenes of interaction between Cube and himself which are worthy of a chuckle or two. But the movie never slows down for us to get to fully understand his character. James is a detective with a troubled past, but this detail is only VERY briefly explored towards the end of the movie, and Ben is only there to yell and scream and fall over.

The intertwining plots of buddy-cop shenanigans and underground crime are so predictable and pointless, that you'll wish the movie could have focused a hell of a lot more on the relationship between Ben and James. Unless the loud, jackhammer comedy is your cup of tea, you'll likely find nothing to enjoy in this film. The plot is terrible, the characters aren't developed and the poor attempts at action sequences are so lacklustre that you wonder why they would ever make a seq...

Oh yeah, THAT'S why they'd make a sequel:



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