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Cop Car centers on two kids who seem to be leaving their homes behind in search of independence, on their travels they come across an abandoned cop car and decide to take it for a joy ride, little did they know that this would be the worst mistake of their life.

Jon Watts, the recently announced director of Sony's upcoming Spider-Man reboot directs this small and exciting tale of two young boys who make a fateful mistake. When these brave children decide to take the abandoned car they had no idea that it belonged to a ruthless, secretive and shady Sheriff who'll stop at nothing to get his property back.

What I loved about Cop Car was it's total lack of exposition dialogue. We never find out who this Sheriff is and what he was doing before this story started, we just know that he's not the most good willed of law enforcement officers. The film begins as quite fun, seeing these kids learn how to drive the car throughout the day and their complete obliviousness to the actual danger they're in was very entertaining, but quickly the film transforms into a wonderfully dark, dangerous and exciting story when the boys open up the trunk of the cop car.

I love the simple, small and unique premise that writer/director Jon Watts uses here. The story is small and so is the film's scope yet it feels very large from the perspective of two young boys. Cop Car is scary in a way that most horror films fail to accomplish, the last act of the film is nerve wracking and incredibly tense and the fear that the two young leads begin to feel really shows on screen. A cop with a bad agenda is a terrifying concept and that speaks more than ever in this film.

Kevin Bacon in the role of the dirty cop with a handful of secrets was fantastic. He was incredibly mysterious, frenetic and my favorite part of this small indie. From his first appearance on screen there's obviously something very wrong about his character. After perching a beer on the hood of his car, he proceeds to take out one of two bloody bodies from his trunk and bury it deep in the woods, this is the moment when young Travis and Harrison take the car.

My only issue with Cop Car is that the script is sometimes a little too coincidental, characters will appear in places where the plot demands it and certain things happen towards the end of the film that feel unnatural. If some things were perhaps explored a touch more, the film could have reached it's full potential.

Other than that issue which brought the film down for me, I had a wonderful time with Cop Car, it's tense, riveting, and refreshing and one I definitely recommend checking out.

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