ByLanet Toggles, writer at
...hat you like to instigate and your not really understanding what some people are saying along with your speech patterns and misspelling just tells me what I've already suspected, that you are really young. Let me explain what my message said. You as well as everyone else has a right to their opinion that being said what others were having a problem with is that you were taring people who did like the movie or watched it down. In your words you called them teenagers or women who had a bucket of ice cream. I never said you didn't know the movie, in fact I said the opposite or I implied it which means that you knew enough to write about it meaning are you the teenager or the bucket of ice cream? Not very nice is it? Just because they like a movie you don't! I also said that Jessica wasn't talking about your spelling because of hurt feelings, she brought it up because it's hard to have a civilized conversation or debate with someone who can't spell or understand what others are saying. I also said that for someone who doesn't like the franchise as much you do why do you spend so much time watching it, following it, and writing about it. If your going to comment on it be constructive you don't need to be hurtful to those who do enjoy it. Also if your going to make remarks about history please get it right, try reading the earlier version of Dracula and some others they were active during the day, it was movies that started the sun burning. That being said they Stephanie actually didn't mess with history as you put it. In the end it's just a movie and they are fiction which means it's their work of art and opinions. If you want respect you have to earn and deserve it and nothing you have done so far does. Good luck with future reviews.

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